Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Torres & Hahn

I’ve seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t help it, I like the show. Even though the storylines tend to get unrealistic (oh really Izzy? You can break all kind of professional and ethical rules by “stealing” a heart from one patient to give it to another, whom you happen to love but end up killing anyway, and get your job back without being sued to high hell or stripped of your license to practice medicine? Okay then). The characters tend to get whiny and desperate (Exhibit 1: Meredith “Pick me. Choose me. Love me” Grey). Still, I watch. However, now the show is going off the deep end with this lesbian relationship between Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian. That’s not what this is about at all. I just think they’re forcing the relationship. The match is a bad one and it’s totally unbelievable. Those women have zero chemistry together and their journey to discover whether they’re gay or not is a little off-putting. I would imagine that this whole back and forth bullshit is insulting to lesbian women and LGBTQ people in general. Then again I could be wrong. The show’s producers did consult with GLAAD and they use real life lesbians as advisers for the storyline! Wow!

I don’t know. The whole story arc is just annoying to me. Torres is all wishy washy and I guess at some level I can respect that because it must be difficult trying to explore another part of your sexuality at that age/stage in life. Still, she’s making it all extra. Vajay-jay references aside, this story arc has provided some of the dumbest talk about vaginas and oral sex ever. In order to get over her fear of licking Hahn’s clit, Torres goes to Dr. Sloane, aka McSteamy, for help. How does he help her? He doesn’t give her a Carpet Munching for Dummies book on tape. He eats her out in the on-call room. (aside: they must go through a lot of sanitizer at Seattle Grace because those doctors stay doing some nasty shit in between major surgeries. End aside). Eventually Torres got over her fear of the “down there” and had great sex with Hahn. That’s when the shit hit the fan. After they had been intimate, Hahn had a revelation: She’s GAY! Like really, really gay. Then she cried. See: 

Obvy Torres couldn’t handle that. She ran to Sloane and let him smash missionary style. I suppose she was trying to see if she really was gay or not. I don’t care for how she’s going back and forth between the two. Not that a person can’t alternate between men and women. If that’s your thing, I’m not judging. It’s just that Torres and Hahn are supposed to be working on a relationship. I don’t play that when it comes to relationships. I just don’t buy it. Are they trying to make up for that Isaiah Washington “faggot” comment snafu? I mean damn, Torres been married to George, then divorced because he cheated with Izzy. She bangs Sloane and now I’m supposed to believe she’s discovering her lesbian side? No ma’am. Hahn, eh maybe. We don’t know enough about her background to really observe how she’s come to this point. She was cold to everyone in the beginning, particularly to Sloane. That could mean nothing though, seeing as he’s an asshole.

I’m just not feeling it. I think I’d rather see Meredith agonize with her therapist or Christina lust Dr. GI Joe. I might have to tap into the Ni**a Network and call Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, and knock some sense into her.


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3 responses to “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  1. Damn, yo. They doing all sorts of explicit MAOWing on network TV these days?

  2. GG

    You are absolutely hilarious, I watch this crap too, mainly because there’s nothing else on and I was thinking A LOT of the same things you mentioned.

  3. Merri Lee

    Lovin’ the TV updates (Work for Diddy/Real Housewives) Have you seen The Chef Jeff Project on Food Network? In on episode 3 (of 6, I believe), but I recommend it to any of the youngins’ out there:

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