Where were you?

Where were you when you saw America elect its first Black/African-American President of the United States? When Barack Obama became the 44th person to serve as Commander-in-Chief? When we made a change like never before? When we took “hope” from more than a cliche campaign buzz word to the next level?

I was in Philadelphia. I was with friends, new and old. I was on South Street going crazy. I was happy. I only took a few pictures and brief video. I may upload more later from friends who were with me.

Sorry the quality isn’t that good. People were in motion the whole time!


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2 responses to “Where were you?

  1. Ken Drizzle

    I was in DC – U st. It was insanity for a solid 4 hours.

    Now, the first thing I do when I wake up is make sure it’s still real.

  2. Rachel

    I lost my voice for 2 weeks straight. After the Phillies win then Obama!! What a great couple of weeks this has been!!

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