So this morning I had to take the Multistate Professional Responsiblity Exam (MPRE). It’s administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and every state (except 2) make you submit MPRE scores in order to be admitted to the Bar.

That test sucked royally. WOW. First of all, I had to go to hell Camden to take the exam. I asked to take the test at MY law school, but it got full (how the hell are there not enough spots at the law school for everyone there who wants to take it?). So I had to get a ride from a friend over the bridge to sit for the exam. The room reminded me of my high school lunchroom. Cinder-block walls. Little L-shaped desks. Bad lighting. I went to the exam without eating anything. I was just rushed with all I had to do that morning. So all during the thing my stomach was growling. LOUDLY. I was kind of embarrassed because as you can imagine the room was dead silent. It’s been forever since I took an exam where you actually needed a #2 pencil and had to fill in little bubbles marked a,b,c, and d. The whole damn thing was so… regulated. Read the instructions together. Do not open the test booklet until instructed. Blah blah. I thought law school exams were weird, but I guess I’m used to it. I haven’t taken a standardized test since the LSAT and that was over 8 years ago!

The test whooped my ass. At least that’s how I felt while taking it. Except for a handful of questions, I pretty much just guessed at the rest. I could usually eliminate two choices off tops, but deciding between the remaining two? I wanted to phone a friend or poll the audience! Then again, I hear that everyone feels that way – that the test is much more harder than they expected. I spent the whole day before taking practice exams and I did well enough on those to get the score needed in most states. That offers some relief in the sense that while I was taking those practice tests, I felt like I didn’t know any answers but would find out in the end that I had done alright. I have no expectation to blast this test through the roof. It really doesn’t matter who does the best or if you’re a high scorer. It’s not like the SAT or LSAT where your score can be the difference between Harvard and Harvard County Community College (not that there’s anything wrong with that). You just need enough to be considered “ethical” in the jurisdiction in which you intend to practice. I like low expectations. I can deal with that. Shoot for the minimum!

I hate law school. No wait, that’s a bit harsh. It is a lot though. I constantly think about whether I should have pursued something else, just gotten a Masters or gone to dental school! I’m exhausted as I near 2.5 years of legal study. This test kind of freaked me out because it made me realize that the Bar Examination is not too far off. Actually, I should start thinking about WHERE I want to take it! I guess PA as a default, but since I don’t have a job yet, I don’t know for sure. I also need to pay for that jawn. Arghhhh! A Masters would have been much easier. Even a Ph.D! I’m pretty sure all they do is work on their dissertation for 5 years, aka sit around and pontificate about their subject in coffee houses and teach lecture courses to freshman. Ah, that’s the life.

In other news, I left the test center and came directly to the Philly Airport where I sit and type this post. I’m heading to NC to Carolina’s homecoming. I love homecoming. It’s so much fun to see everyone and talk about what we’ve been up to. The parties are great and it’s always good to see my NC friends. I kind of stretched myself to make this trip, but I think I deserve it because I’ve been down so much lately. I just need to put all the crap out of my mind and enjoy the trip. GO TARHEELS! BEAT GA TECH!


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5 responses to “MPRE/Homecoming

  1. You home, yo.
    Go soak it in and come back clear-headed.

  2. desus

    FOH. I went to Havard Community College and I resent that comment. Go Lowered Expectations Lions! (our football team).

  3. @ desus: LOL @ Lowered Expectations Lions!

  4. steven

    did you take any prep courses? should i buy into one?

  5. @ Steven: I didn’t take Bar-Bri. All of my friends did and they were equally distraught about the exam. The prep course can only help, though right?
    I took the Kaplan online course. There was a 4-hour online lecture and a book that went along with it. The good thing about that was the quiz bank they have which allows you to quiz yourself over and over again, then explains the answers you got wrong. The Kaplan course is usually $199 but it was free on a promotion when I got it!

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