Voulez-vous coucher avec une araignée?*

I love the French. Europeans just don’t give a fuck when it comes to ‘keeping it real’ and sex. I’m late, but check out these ads for AIDS/safe sex awareness from France c/o AIDES. Illustrates the hell out of the point, right?

I don’t know why, but people are still not getting the message: Unprotected sex is like screwing a scorpion or getting head from a hairy ass spider. Ew? I really like how the first ad with the woman and the spider depicts oral sex. Ask 10 people and I bet you 10 people will tell you that while they might use protection while having sex, they don’t use anything when giving/receiving oral. It’s the dumbest thing smart people do.

These AIDES people have no problem getting a bit, um, unconventional with their message, even on television ads:

I had to LOL at these “Dick Says” ads as well:

Check out more of “Dick Says:

Being Drunk

*Would you like to have sex with a spider?


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7 responses to “Voulez-vous coucher avec une araignée?*

  1. Spider getting his MAOW on.
    Imagine what he can do with 4 unoccupied limbs!

    I wouldn’t smash a scorpion, though.
    Leave her unsatisfied, and your life is over in a flash.

  2. ihsan, this is why they don’t do ads like this in America. you people cannot FOCUS!

  3. I’m all for a new approach for safe sex advocacy.
    Just as I’m all for arachnid sex.
    I be watching The Discovery Channel.
    I know what it’s really like out in the untamed world.

  4. Love the post. Europeans are so open about sexuality. If America was more open, there probably wouldn’t be such a perverted obsession with sex here.

    And thanks for dropping by my blog. I”ll have to check you out more frequently as well!

    • bubblin' brown shuga

      when i see the european stats versus the US stats then i’ll decide. men lie, women lie, number dont.

      being foreign doesnt make it better. there are alot more of them that want to be like us than the other way around.

  5. This was a good post. I agree with Skinny.

  6. Jessica

    I stumbled across your website here and just fell in love with it! It is like the most entertaining site on the internet that I have ever found. Keep up the good work!

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