Dirty Dancing

I’d like to introduce to you The Official Twerkteam if you haven’t already made their acquaintance. See for yourself, NSFW. In advance, I’m all kinds of sorry to even be posting it, but you won’t know what I’m talking about unless you’ve seen it. I feel like I’m contributing to the madness a lil bit, but hell, they already got over 18,000 subscribers and 770,000 channel views. This one was a random choice from their 29 vids:

I know grown men who watch these videos and openly, unabashedly lust after the so-called Mizz TwerkSum, Betty Butt and Lady Luscious (Cola, KandyGirl and ShawtyBear not in vid). Sorry, but this is not okay. I can’t tell for sure how old those girls are, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re not ALL 18. I can’t express to you how disturbing it is to hear people try to defend their actions. Not sure how reliable this information is, but I hear that one of the girls’ mother is their “manager” and books gigs for them so they can “dance.” I’ve heard guys use that as an excuse, as in if their mother thinks it’s okay, well then it’s okay to watch. Bullshit. Parents are ignorant too. I think it was last year that some mom in Philly drove her daughter and friends around looking for another young girl. They found her, jumped her and cut her face. All because she was new to school and “thought she was cute.” I know that’s not okay  just because someone’s momma condoned and facilitated it!

Now, when I was younger, I was a fast ass teenager. However, I don’t use that as an excuse for these girls to be shaking their ass cheeks all over YouTube. I say that because somebody should have been telling me I was a fast ass teenager and curtailing that behavior. Normally and in most situations, I am all for people doing whatever they feel with little judgment. Sorry to say, that sentiment does not extend to minors. No way, no how.

We as a society have got to have some freakin accountability. It’s not okay for young people to be doing that. I can’t see any argument to the contrary. It’s most definitely not okay for grown men to be supporting it. I think back to the whole R.Kelly debacle. Folks were all on the girl who was in the video saying she looked grown and knew what she was doing. The point that people seemed to be missing is that it doesn’t matter whether she wanted it to happen or not. As a whole, we have laws in this country whose purpose is to protect our youth. We presume that young people don’t have the presence of mind or the capacity to reflect on their decisions properly and most of the time we are absolutely RIGHT. Ultimately, it’s against the law to have sex with a minor no matter what he/she looks like or what he/she wanted. Beyond the law, I think we’ve been socialized in our Western culture to find that kind of relationship repulsive. Hence my disgust at 30 year olds trying to convince others that it’s okay to watch Ms. Twerksum grind a chair because she’s probably 17. Ew, nigga.

Here are some examples of actual comments re: the “twerkteam” from adults:

“they’re like 17, the age of consent in GA is like 16, you’re good”
The bitch in the yellow is my fave! what dat ho name iz?”
“EACH WILL BE TWERKIN ON MY DICK Fuck that underage shit, these bitches r gettin fucked by grown man, and i might as well include my self in their resume”

Oh really? How is that okay? According to the Twerkteam, they’re just doing some harmless dancing. Keep an eye on your daughters/sisters/nieces/cousins/etc. The team is recruiting. I say monitor that computer usage STAT and check your nasty ass homeboys.


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8 responses to “Dirty Dancing

  1. SweetT

    question 1: who is doing this camera work? could he/she be arrested for child pornography?

    question 2: is there not ANYBODY in these young girls/women’s lives that will say “you are worth more than that!”?

    question 3: how is this “harmless dancing” when the 30 or secs i could stomach never showed a face? do they think alvin ailey, katherine dunham and even josephine baker would condone this as “dance”? the only “raw emotion” here is LUST.


  2. :/

    I just flagged like 3 videos of theirs.
    Hopefully, the people at YouTube monitor this kind of thing and get it pulled.

  3. shelly

    i’m so mad i can’t see what you’re talking about because youtube is blocked at work. i’ve never heard of this before…

  4. Come on Ihsan, OBVIOUSLY YouTube doesn’t care. I guess since it’s not showing bare ass or anything (BARELY). They have those vids listed as 18 and over so maybe that’s what saves them

  5. Peyso

    I’m gonna run the risk of seeming really ignorant here but hell I watched a few of their videos and watch one every now and then. I guess it might be a tad bit more ok since I am 22 and a bit closer in age with them.

    My question for you Renee is this, in our law and culture “we presume that young people don’t have the presence of mind or the capacity to reflect on their decisions properly and most of the time we are absolutely RIGHT” but what is to be done when their parents are allowing this? Not in the sense that they are not participating but in the sense that the parents are active participants. A parent has made a decision that she believes to be in the best interest of her child, who can we blame now? Would you have a problem if these girls were all 18? What large amount of knowledge is gained on that magical 18th birthday? I am not supporting this video, but what is to be said that these woman/girls can enter the army but can make a video doing whatever they like on the video? I’m just playing devil’s advocate…..

  6. 18, shmeighteen! (lol)
    THOSE are underage females as far as I’m concerned.

    What kind of professional dance troupe holds performances in bedrooms ONLY?

    Not only that, but the “dancing” is just a step off of a strip club routine.

    I’m gonna see if I can successfully get that shit BANNT.

    *hate hate hate snitch snitch snitch*

  7. @ Peyso: “what is to be done when their parents are allowing this?” Being a parent does not mean that you automatically make the best decisions. We can come up with repeated examples of parents who are clearly in the wrong. You cannot simply say you’re doing what’s in the child’s best interest and have it be so. Maybe this is in the parent’s best interest because it makes money. Maybe their parents are just as jacked up as they are. Like you say, you don’t gain any magical knowledge at 18, and you certainly don’t gain magical knowledge upon giving birth. Besides, as a society we already determine whether a parent is making the best choices for their child, sometimes, we take away their parental rights because it’s been determined that they’re doing such a piss poor job of it.

    If they were 18, I would no longer have a legal argument, but I’d still see something a bit wrong with the situation depending on the motivation behind it. I don’t think that strippers are inherently wrong. They have a job and they get paid. Fine. I do think, however, that baring your ass for the plain and simple attention of it and trying to elicit reactions from men is kind of worth a second thought.
    Another thing about 18. It’s not that the law or society believes you know all about being an adult and making the right decisions at 18. We just need SOME kind of line, cutting off point, at which to draw distinctions.

  8. universeexpanding

    * rubs eyes *
    I have now officially seen it all.

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