B-Boy where the f*ck you at?

I was inspired to post this after it came up on shuffle.

“Clean version” from the Sunset Park (1996) soundtrack. Interesting look for Lyte in this video, the dark lipstick, shiny shirt and 90s haircut.  WTF is up with Xscape looking like a scary cabaret act and rocking Party City feather boas tho? Le sigh. I guess showing your bra was the epitome of hotness. I don’t remember that. I’m like huh at some of the lyrics (“Sweet like licorice, suga for my booga/juicy like Hi-C, or an icy”), but Lyte makes everything sound good, even if the video looks like 90s gloss bullshit. The budget for the vid was clearly NANN.

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One response to “B-Boy where the f*ck you at?

  1. All Black videos after 95 had the artists singing in a weird room with crazy lighting, quick cuts and fisheye lenses.

    I blame Hype Williams.

    Lyte is working wonders for my women in suits fetish in this, though… : )~

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