A Song for You

Some of my favorite renditions of “A Song for You”, originally sang by Leon Russell and covered by many artists with Donny Hathaway’s being the most popular, I’d say.


Whitney, in a questionable preying mantis costume, opens a can of diva starting at 4:12

The Queen herself. Dripping with soul.

I love XTina and Herbie.

The Temptations did that.

Betty Wright does it live at about 2:13

Leon‘s OG version.

Valiant effort by American Idol loser Elliot Yamin. Yah-meen?

I’ll pass on the City High and BIZZY BONE versions. GOG! WTF?

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One response to “A Song for You

  1. SweetT

    I didn’t want to like Christina’s version of the song just because the thought of people remaking “A Song for You” makes me suspicious. But that girl’s talent is too big to ignore. Thanks for this!

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