Southern Fight Songs

Inspired by a post over at Feminist Law Professors and the #1 College Basketball team in the country, I present to you UNC’s fight song. Well, technically. Apparently, a trip to the UNC Music Library page revealed that there are tons of school songs we never sang. At every football and basketball game we could be sure to sing the fight song “I’m a Tar Heel Born” which makes up the last verse of the school’s alma mater, “Hark The Sound.”

Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices
Ringing clear and True
Singing Carolina’s praises
Shouting N.C.U.

Hail to the brightest Star of all
Clear its radiance shine
Carolina priceless gem,
Receive all praises thine.

I’m a Tar Heel born I’m a Tar Heel bred
And when I die I’m a Tar Heel dead!
So it’s RAH, RAH, Car’lina ‘lina
RAH, RAH, Car’lina ‘lina
RAH, RAH, Car’lina ‘lina
GO TO HELL STATE! (or DOOK or who ever we’re playing)

Enjoy this March ’08 Franklin St (memories!) clip with drunk students celebrating a victory over Dook and singing Hark the Sound starting around 0:15. Honestly when I watched it, I got hype on my sofa although I’ve never hopped over a fire.

Fight Songs Of Southern Universities

So today I was ruminating on the University of South Carolina’s fight song, called “Step to the Rear,” a fight song in which the only lyrics are “Go Cocks!” Here’s a version played at a football game by The Mighty Sound of the Southeast, but be careful, the visuals might make you seasick. And here is bonus footage of the Gamecock cheer.

Our arch rival Clemson’s fight song is “Hold that Tiger.” I’d recommend a rabies shot first! Okay, technically they call it “Tiger Rag.” But who cares, right? The University of Florida’s main fight song is “The Orange and the Blue.” I guess the title helps students there remember what the school colors are. The University of Miami fight song highlights the fact that football fans there can spell Miami. But Miami probably shouldn’t even be in this post because friends at that school tell me it is too far south to be Southern. The University of Louisville seems to find the entire name of the school too long to pronounce, so it deploys “Fight U of L.” Here is the first stanza:

Fight now for victory and show them
How we sure will win this game
Fight on you Cardinals and prove to them
That we deserve our fame.
Rah, Rah, Rah!
Roll up the score now and beat the foe
So we can give a yell
With a FIGHT! give them all you’ve got
For we are with you U of L.

That “Rah, Rah Rah!” line kind of cracks me up, and the last line, “For we are with you U of L” is a tongue twister. The University of Tennessee seems to have at least two fight songs. I wonder if this confuses the UT band. The first is called “Down the Field.” A second fight song for the University of Tennessee is “Rocky Top”, which speaks quite favorably of moonshine. A fuller if somewhat nasal rendition is here. Note that the second stanza is as follows:

Once there was a girl on rocky top,
Half bear the other half cat.
Wild as a mink, sweet as soda pop,
I still dream about that.

Sexist yes, but it can hardly hold a candle to this excerpt of “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech”:

Oh if I had a daughter
I’d dress her in white and gold
And put her on the campus
To cheer the brave and bold
But if I had a son, sir
I tell you what he’d do
The way his daddy used to do

The melody of the U of Georgia fight song “Glory, Glory to Ole Georgia” sounds strangely familiar. Then there is this abomination from Florida State University. Blech.

–Ann Bartow

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