My Personality DNA

Got this browsing over at Diary of a Mad Therapist. It’s one of those personality test thingamajiggers. I liked it because it was more interactive than just clicking some little bubbles althoughI don’t know how accurate I was with it.
According to the site, Personal DNA, I’m a Designer and I relate to others as a Free-Wheeler, making me a:

Click HERE to see my personality report.
While I think the part about me is pretty accurate, the way I relate to others is spot on. If you do your own personality DNA test, be a doll and leave a link in the comments. I’m interested to see how they turn out.


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8 responses to “My Personality DNA

  1. universeexpanding

    Apparently I’m an “Advocating Creator”. Pretty accurate considering the work I do.

    I like the structure of this profile though, especially because of the sliders and the multiple options presented by the “bucket” questions. Less dichotomous and rigid than ones I’ve seen before. I might use it with a couple of my clients.

  2. Me:
    You are a Considerate Experiencer.

    You are an Experiencer

    Your inquisitive nature, imagination, and hands-on practicality make you an EXPERIENCER.

    Although you have an active imagination, you also concern yourself with the functional elements of things.

    You are willing to experiment to find things that work the most efficiently.

    Getting stuck in certain habits is boring to you—you’d rather find new experiences

    Accordingly, experiences are more important to you than objects—you’d rather spend your money and energy on events and adventures than on material things.

    You like to contemplate a lot of options before making a decision, and you’re willing and able to consider a lot of different angles to problems.

    You’re open to suggestions, and often rely on others to assess the merit of those suggestions.

    You have an ability to see the big picture—not just how things are, but how they could be—in a variety of situations.

    Your independent streak allows you to make decisions efficiently and to trust your instincts

    You’re not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you’re generally considerate of others’ feelings as well.

    You do your own thing when it comes to clothing, guided more by practical concerns than by other people’s notions of style.
    If you want to be different:

    Have faith that your imagination and practicality will complement each other, and lead to good decisions on your part.

    Take the initiative in seeking things out—don’t wait for them to come to you.

    how you relate to others
    You are Considerate

    You trust others, care about them, and are slow to judge them, making you CONSIDERATE.

    You value your close relationships very much, and are more likely to spend time in small, tightly-knit groups of friends than in large crowds.

    You enjoy exploring the world through observation, quietly watching others.

    Relating to others so well, and understanding their emotions, leads you to trust people in general, even though you’re somewhat shy and reserved at times.

    Your belief that people are generally well-intentioned contributes to your sympathy regarding their problems.

    Although you may not vocalize it often, you have an awareness of how society affects individuals, and you understand complex causes of people’s behavior.

    You like to look at all sides of a situation before making a judgment, particularly when that situation involves important things in other people’s lives.

    Your close friends know you as a good listener.
    If you want to be different:

    Because other people would benefit immensely from your understanding and insight, you should try to be more outgoing in social situations, even when they make you uncomfortable. Others will want to hear what you have to say!

    Some of it is on point. Maybe I need to retake it?

  3. Now ihsan, you think I wanted you to paste that entire thing in the comments? Can’t you learn from A up there and paste a link? LOL.
    I do think that was pretty accurate for you. Especially the way you relate to others. On point.

  4. Here’s mine!!!!

    I’m a Dynamic Leader…

  5. shelly

    i gave up after page 2…what does that say about my personality?

  6. bubblin brown shuga

    You are an Attentive Visionary.

    i must have been bored den a mug because that was a really long test.

    it mentioned me being empathetic but most people would not agree. even when i understand i dont always care—or is that the difference btw empathy and sympathy?. i printed it out so i could read it in totality. interesting indeed but so far im not placing too much stock in it.

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