Something about a denim jacket and a unibrow

I love all of the face Al B. Sure! is giving in this video. One of my fave jams when it comes up on the iPeezy. I sweddagod, lightskin was kind to the brothas back in the 80s. It was obvy powerful enough to make the ladies forget that this dude had a Bert brow poppin’ off! Real talk, Al would have Been way hotter if he’d just have showed us that patch of skin between his eyebrows. Exponentially hotter. Of course he’d probably just tell me not to sweat myself (on the strength). *shrug*

Peep the “cell phone” at 1:48. Ballin’!!!
I like the video girls here. Biking shorts. Tights. Bra tops. Wopping it out! No “tip drill” going on here, yet we still get the point. Kinda refreshing. Question: When did [Black] men make the transition from liking really thin women like the main chick in this video to liking women shaped like the number eight (turn on BET right now)? No really, I want an answer. 1992? 1996? 2001? When? And why wasn’t there a press release or something?
Gratuitous water scene at 2:49. Nothing like a drenched litebrite. See.
Is that one of those colored water slide desk thingies at 2:55?
I must say, at about 3:31, I want to pinch his cheeks.
Why can’t relationships always be this way? He gets mad because she isn’t answering his calls. She does the wop for him in the street and it’s all happily ever after. :)


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2 responses to “Something about a denim jacket and a unibrow

  1. I’ve never understood folks with unibrows. I mean, handle your business!

    Watch I have a kid with one or something…

  2. Cute Post.
    I love all of his faces too. :) 3:31 is one of my fave parts too, because of that handsome smile!

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