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On: Cooking together

So I watch the Neelys cook on the Food Network sometimes. Along with my girl Sunny, I just like to support the Black folks on there. To be honest, the Neelys kind of annoy me. They’re always on top of each other in the kitchen. Baby chop this up for me. Sweetheart, I like how you stir that gravy. Ooh big daddy, that barbecue smells good! My boy said he saw Pat Neely smack his wife’s ass one episode. That’s all good, but um, sometimes I wish they’d just cook the damn food. Another thing about them that annoys me is their utter lack of knife skills. If you watch either one of them try to cut up an onion, celery, peppers, or any other vegetable, and you have any knowledge whatsoever of how to properly chop/dice/julienne/etc, you’d be disgusted. As am I.

What do I know though? The Neelys appear to be a happily married couple with a successful Tennessee barbecue business, two shows on the Food Network and a loving family. They say their secret is cooking together. Hmm. Continue reading

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AYDMF: The stupidity continues

Remember this dumb guy who got himself impaled on an iron fence while trying to run from the Philadelphia Police? His momma was all on the news talking about police brutality, claiming it was the officers’ fault that her son got stuck on the fence. She also claimed that her son was a good kid and that he hadn’t done anything wrong. He was just scared. Yeahhhhh. Listen mom, there still might be time to retract those statements.

This fool, Tony Burrell, is currently being held on a 5 MILLION Dollar bond for attempting to shoot two police officers. This unlucky bastard, while running from the cops, fired at one and tried to fire at another when his .45 caliber glock jammed. Ha!

What’s pretty hilarious is that the officers are being praised for their restraint and for not shooting back. Sure, they didn’t pop a cap in his ass, but I’m pretty sure they beat him something terrible. Cops don’t really like being shot at and we all know the street rule right: If you pull a gun on somebody you better kill them. I’d bet my good dancing foot that the entire Philly PD turned a blind eye to the whooping that boy got.

What was that boy’s momma talking about anyway? Good kid? Police said Burrell has 17 prior arrests dating back to when he was 13-years-old! I don’t think he’s coming home anytime soon, though. Back when he was stuck on that fence, he got out on $500 bail.  Mommy dearest can’t even put up her house to meet the new $5 million bail. News reports say Burrell may face a mandatory 20-year sentence under a new law targeting suspects who fire on police. Like five cops have been killed this year in Philly. For sure homeboy is a goner.

What kind of idiot tries to shoot at the cops and has his gun jam? The same kind of idiot who crashes his ATV into a police car, runs and lands on an iron spike.


Source: Fox News Philadelphia

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