I have magical powers

At least some cultures would believe that I can do more than the rest of you mere mortals. Why? Because I have a Preauricular Sinus. WTF, you say? In laymen’s terms I have a hole in my ear. No, silly. Not the hole that you stuff with cotton-tipped sticks to nearly assault your eardrum. No, not the hole you got after letting someone with a high school education approach your head with a pressurized “gun.” It’s a benign congenital malformation.

Basically, just a tiny little hole that you can miss if you’re not looking right at the spot where the top of my ear meets my head. Preauricular Sinus.

This thing serves absolutely no purpose. It’s just a genetic thing. I’ve noticed one on my mom. I noticed one on my boy just this weekend. Truthfully, sometimes the darn thing itches. Still, I’m better off than some folks with holes in their ears. Preauricular Sinuses can become infected and cause pain all the way down to your jaw. Ouch.

Theories of origin of preauricular sinus includes: defective or incomplete fusion of the the beginnings of the external ears at the embryonic stage, relics of incomplete closure of the dorsal part of the first pharyngeal groove, and development from isolated ectodermal folds during the ear’s development. Mmmkay?

The incidence of preauricular sinuses in the United States is estimated to be 0-0.9%, and the incidence in New York State (where I was born) is estimated to be 0.23%. The incidence in whites is 0.0-0.6%, and for African Americans and Asians it is 1-10%. Only one third of folks even know they have one. You totally might have one. Go look in the mirror, I’ll wait.

Enough of the Dr. House crap, on to the magical powers stuff. The Yoruba peeps of Nigeria believe that the presence of preauricular sinus in an individual will confer supernatural abilities to become rich. I think I’m pretty awesome, but I’m still waiting on that rich part. It’s said that people with a PS can see ghosts. Sometimes when people stare at me on public transportation, I wonder if they’re ghosts. I mean, living people know better than to stare, right? Finally, people born with a caul or a veil often also have a PS too. I bet my mother wouldn’t have even thought to tell me if I was born with a caul or not. Not being superstitious or one to read certain African-American fiction, she wouldn’t have recognized the significance.

I always knew I was super awesome.


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  1. We gotta hang out and help you find rich ghosts.
    Make it a reality TV show.

  2. I’ve 0 cartilage in the upper portion of my ears, meaning them shits don’t fold or slightly fold at all. But this, this is totally dope. I agree with Ihsan, u need rich ghosts in ur life.

  3. I also have preauricular pits. As a kid my little party trick was to stick toothpics or earrings in them and watch way freak out. Interestingly, I just completed a transracial adoption and my son ALSO has them. What are the odds? Only two other people in my family have them and now my son.

  4. Kauê

    I’ve two, one in each ear, my mom also have, but just one…

    haha… i’m just waiting for the rich part now.

  5. Kenneth

    I also have a small hole in my upper ear, just as the picture shows. I am African American. I have never seen any ghost, and I am not rich at the moment…heh. Also, I have never had stinky stuff come out of it like other people have described.

    • lisa

      maybe you don’t know how to tap into your knowledge.
      ask the Spirits for help.

    • Ernest

      I have one at each ear. I’m not a superstitious person but in my culture they would say that it gave me the ability to ward of bad spirits. I am definitely not rich but growing up I had a very difficult time at nights. I would see shadows of people interacting with each other. They never paid attention to me but I hard a very difficult time with it. I would try to show them to my mother and sibling while they are telling me nothing is there. Among what was the strangest thing was that they where quite clear to see when the light more faded at which time a shadow wasn’t suppose to be so prominent. It eventually suddenly stopped one night after my mother took me to sleep with her from my battles with seeing them. I’m drawing no conclusions but this was my honest experience and it is just a little interesting reading now about being able to see ghosts.

  6. Mary

    I have a preauricular pit also.

    One of my sons also has one (on the opposite side).

    The kicker is that his pediatrician ALSO has one. He’s the one who finally told me what it was. It was like a preauricular pit convention that day, or “How many people with preauricular pits can you fit in a tiny exam room?”

    • Joe

      I also have that same hole I was born with it. I don’t know if this hole has anything to do with two different doctor S two different incident S said they have never seen someone heal so rapidly before during medical profession.and there has been many more strange things that has happened and no one has a answer

  7. Jessica

    My daughter has had a preauricular pit since she was born. The doctor didn’t seem to concerned about it when she was born, but told me to look out for infection. When it isn’t infected, a little bit of ear stuff (like in a pimple) will come out of there when squeezed. This week I noticed it is infected. It is all red and swollen, and I’m sure filled with puss. She is 3 and won’t let me get near it. I just hope that antibiotics will do the trick fine and she won’t have to get surgery some day. I wonder if the pit has anything to do with her having contstant inner ear infections as a baby? She got tubes in her ears at 8 months, and hasn’t had a problem since then.

  8. Jessica

    PS. I know it sounds weird, but I totally think she can see ghosts. She is always telling me she can see things when no one’s there. Maybe its just her being a kid though. Can’t wait for the rich part — she better help me out if she gets rich!

  9. Sabrina

    My cousin and I and now my daughter all has P.S. we also get PMS. hehe! seriously, we are Italian and not African American. They now and again leak some smelly stuff and I know we are all special and we would love to be rich.. so hopefully that part comes true.. Seeing ghosts???? not so much.. I didn’t realize we were like Superheros!

    • michael

      I have PS on both ears and am 34 years old. I have 4 siblings, 2 of them have them and my mother and her mother have it as well. All my family members that have PS have not broken any bones and rarely get sick and have not gotten any major sicknesses ever. I have not gotten sick at all for the past 4 years and recover quickly when i do. My siblings that do not have PS are often sick and have broken bones in past. I generally get along much better with the siblings with PS as well.
      I feel I have a sixth sense, an ability to be more in tune with peoples emotions and my general surroundings. I can tell when people are lying or have hidden agendas. I can also read a person and can tell if they are generally “good” or “bad”. Most people ask my opinion on people and situations and i always give information that they didnt notice and think about until i tell them… i am spot on about 90% of the time. I have only seen one ghost in my life, but it was during sleep paralysis and could have been my imagination, but seemed very real. I do sense good/bad vibes from places and tend to avoid areas that give off the “bad” vibe.
      Some people mention that PS is linked to being rich, i am currently working for a good company that i make 6 figures on. I dont believe it was my destiny to be rich, but the sixth sense that i have has helped me obtain my goals. Being able to read people and situations have always given me an advantage over people who are “smarter” than myself. I am not a superstitious person or heavily religious, so i was not easily convinced that people with PS have powers. But when i read so many people claiming the same thing… it was hard ignore.

      • AJ

        I have ps on my left ear and I am one of those that suffered infections and very horrible smell when it leaked or was pushed in my younger years. I too have an incredible sixth since that allows me to read people and situations that at times put people at ah, especially when dealing with people who trying to hide situations from me. I have never associated with PS though. As for being rich — I wish — who knows maybe that’s an aspect that I will venture to see if it will help. Also, to clean mine I have used a syringe without the needle part and some peroxide, if angled the right way it helps with an infection.

      • gil

        We are very similar. seek God and his righteousness. That is the most important. all else will be golden.

  10. thal

    I heard that (well according to my mum and a friend) having a PS means your stubborn anyone heard anything sbout that?

    • Rochelle

      Yes, I’ve heard that too, I have one (above my left ear) and everyone I know who has one is also extremely stubborn but maybe that’s just a common characteristic within my group of friends. I am African American (well I’m from England and my family are from the Caribbean so technically over here I’m considered Black British – Caribbean but same difference right?) but my Pre-auricular sinus has never leaked and I have never had an infection ( I’m 16 years old by the way) but I according to my mum saw ghosts as a child …spooky I know, and I have always felt like i’ve had supernatural powers. I’m not rich yet, but I’m only young so give my Pre-auricular sinus a few years to work it’s magic, and I’ll get back to you guys.

  11. cmz

    I also have ps or p pit. I never had any problems wit mine I jus wipe it everyday that I bath. Anywhooo… No joke I have seen ghosts b4 when I was younger. I told my parents but they never believed me. I’m 24 now.

  12. jenn

    i think the special power thing is true, and I bet that you people who think you are not rich, in fact waste tons of money on garbage, in america, and you are in fact rich with money, compared to the rest of the world. so find something better to do like help people in haiti, and use your special powers for some good, instead of dorking around on the internet. oooookay!

    • Alexis

      Not everyone in America is rich. A lot of Americans like to flaunt money that they don’t have. It’s hard for everyone and we help just about every country that has had some kind of natural disaster. America is struggling too. I mean hello its a friggin recession everyone is struggling. People can only do so much before they are not in a good spot money wise too.

  13. Sylvannia

    I have the wholes in both ears. I am african american but it doesnt really matter what race. For everyone who has the hole go to the indigo or crystal children and adult website and see if you have the traits. They r said to be enlighted and sent by Christ to help the rest of the world find the light they possess inside. They are a type of angelic human race and their third eyes are now starting to be awakened to help man kind to adjust to a greater power

    • Briana

      Yes im also african american im 16 years old and my mother told me the same , shes read on it and we were sent to earth.by christ. As angles to help mankind at its hardest times (this year ) it says something about having supernatural powers such as moving things with our minds , reading minds and controlling people.. it also said we will have to learn how to use them they will naturally come when its time… I also have seen a spirit as a little little girl maybe 8 but my aunt didnt believe me.. I dont believe in ghost , but spirits yes and theyre NOT the same.

      • Jeni

        Ok I have them on both ears, and when I was younger I would see my dead cats roaming around my house (we haven’t moved) like just flashes of them. And I think I could move things with my mind, but without me realizing I did it. Like for example, I would look for stuff, and go back to where I put it, but it isn’t there. Then I would go do something else, and check again in the exact same place, and it would be there. Idk I used to think it was my brother messing around with me, but I’m not sure now that I’ve read this

        • Jay

          Happens to you to? That happens to me A LOT and I’ll just sit there when I find it, saying in my head, “I checked there SEVERAL times and I swear it wasn’t there!” Never associated it with anything else other than me not paying attention or having “tunnel vision” or something because I’m looking so hard. And yes I have a PS as well on my left ear only. I actually JUST started reading about all these other people who have a PS that seem to have paranormal type experiences, be “in tune” with people/animals, foretelling things, not breaking bones or getting sick and being fast healers, etc. I experience all the same things that I’ve been reading about others saying. I’ve never met another person with a PS, or at least not that I know of, and I’ve never associated having a PS with any of these things, but I must admit I’m type intrigued now.

      • skye

        I’m African, I’m Nigerian. and I have the PS hole on both ears. we weren’t told much about this, all we know is that people with such holes are generally stubborn. I have seen ghost several times and I do sense their presence too. ve got no broken bones too. please if anyone knows more about people with PS should please help us. the hole looks cool to me

    • Natalie

      I’m crystal child and I have the pit. I saw ghosts, angels, and deceased loved ones who came to me in dreams to tell me when someone was going to pass away in the family. In my dreams, I’ve seen natural disasters before they happen since I was little.
      I’m always trying to spread the light to everyone. Peace and mindfulness. Care for your surroundings and the earth. I don’t know if this is because of my ear pit, but I plan to change the way we think and perceive the world. To live for each other instead of the self. I have a bloodline linking to Mali, if anyone is interested in that part of it. Otherwise, I’m all European and some French Polynesian. You don’t have to believe me. I’m just telling my story.

      • Kenneth

        Pleiadeans. in Maori (polynesian) taught them the net fishing, and the peruvians called them the cloud people. If you are caught up in the Rand Mcgraw; school/prisonplanet text book society and cant find any answers please watch and research Robert Sepehr. Merci Beaucoup

  14. michael

    woah! great! so… its fine! so be it! because… my daughter have too!

  15. OMG I have those holes I’m African american,and my son has those hole too. when i was little i remember seeing ghosts i saw my father right after he died don’t know if any one believed me i was only 5 and sometimes my dreams come true….scary

  16. cinque

    me too man, i have always thought of myself as God!

  17. Kanyinsola O.

    You know the funny thing is….I have a Preauricular Sinus and its funny because I’m from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. I’m so serious. But it’s funny cause I’ve always thought that I would grow up to be rich. But I don’t really have experience with the ghost part (Thank GOD! because the though scares me to bits). Someone else said it has something to do with archangels.Also, People with these usually never have broken a bone. They also heal much quicker than most. I’m just taking this all in. I just wanna know more about the archangel part because they’ve always fascinated me. BTW: i’ve never heard anyone in my family say anything about it or me having magical powers. I wonder where you found that out.

  18. prettycool

    I have it too in a both ears
    GOSH! some of my friends says that I can be a good swimmer and can take 15 minutes in a water
    but I said DUH! ..Im afraid of getting infected because sometimes its getting itchy and it releases liquid and it smells like ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

  19. Hi my name is Shawn do have a PS also and my 6 year old daughter. Know that I have been hit by a bus and a car no broken bones feel like superman and have ability to see the future in dreams and vision. I believe it is a blessing from to be born with such power

    • I have holes in both ears. I dream all the time. I have had so many dreams come true. I have even had dreams of people,and if there spouse or significant other was not in the dream they would die,in the order that i dreamed about them. I just want some answers.

    • we wer ment 4 something

      i have it on both my ears i don’t think i dream but i kinda see visions as in i been through this n that before(dejavu) i actually feel the ability beyond my five senses special kind of creativity.

  20. Baru

    I have one too! it gets infected at times but never really bothers me.

  21. Alexis

    I’m 15 years old and my parents have always told me that I have the ability to see hanks (ghosts) they said that an old wise woman had said that before and that its nothing to worry about. Unlike most people ^^ I wouldn’t mind being able to see ghosts or spirits. Or being a angel or archangel. I’ve always wanted to be something special and its SO hard trying to find info on the PS. Ive looked on websites about old wives tails and superstitions but never any mention of it. I haven’t even thought about it for a while but to be honest I love it. When I was little I would show it off to EVERYONE and they’d all think it was cool. I would like definitely like to be rich and either see ghosts or be an angel.

  22. I see this is super old but I just came acrossed it while googling ‘preauricular sinuses’. I have one also, on my right ear. I’ve only known one other person with them, my 7th grade bio teacher had 2.
    We should make capes. Team PS. ;)

  23. ravonnia

    My mom said I was born with a veil,over my face, I have a hole at the top of right ear felt the same on the subway, over the past 6 years ihave conversation, with people after,we go our way italk to my mind and it convesate back and I say he’s. Not going to live soon

  24. Tarah

    I’ve always wondered what these 2 random holes in my ears meant. My friends would always comment and I felt like a weirdo. Well, jokes on them! BRING ON THE RICHES!! …uhm…any moment now…

  25. ALO

    I just learned that Congressman John Lewis has a preauricular sinus. I saw it in a close up picture. Now I know for sure it’s for awesome people.
    I have one. It seeps clear, non-smelly liquid when I eat. Close friends always tell me I’m psychic. I say what they have been thinking or vice versa. Sometimes if I’m daydreaming a little I think they said the thought out loud and find out they haven’t. No ghosts or angels though! And broke!

  26. MinisterLady

    I too was born with Pediatricians Sinuses, and also I’m a Caulbearers, so yes I see ghost, my parents said since I started talking I them what i saw. My grandmom and great grandmom and so forth on my dad side and him were born the same and saw ghost and had vivid dreams. All of my dreams are vivid, sometimes I know the meanings other times I’m not sure, my knew all about this stuff but died before I could ask many questions. I believe there’s a lot more to this then meats

    • Sylvannia

      My uncle died 2 weeks before I was born and my grandmother said I would face backwards in the chair and talk to a tall man who her are my mom could not see. When I was 4 I pointed to my uncles picture and said thats tmy friend, My daughter has holes she use to run around the house in her sleep screaming and pointing at the ceiling. More and more people are reporting seeing spirits.

  27. Adicia

    I’ve got the hole, top right ear. It never itches or oozes. Although I am not rich, I may be on my way. I had a gift of seeing things in dreams, warnings and such but I prayed it away (true story) because I couldn’t deal with it. I was 16. I think I do see ghosts, they try to blend in. Not sure if any of this has anything to do with the hole but I thought you’d like to know.

  28. JK

    Well, special power or not mine had given me a lot of pains since I was a kid. They stopped being infected when I was 8 years old, but flared up 26 years later. Had mine surgically removed on both sides 2 weeks ago and apparently mine were quite deep. Doctor took out 1cm x 1.2cm x 1cm lumps on both sides containing the P.S tracts. I guess I won’t be rich or have the special power anymore. But with this I hope I don’t have to rely on antibiotics anymore and the additional scars.

  29. Precisely how much time did it acquire u to post “I have magical powers
    | bourgie, interrupted”? It contains quite a lot of wonderful information.
    Thanks ,Katrin

  30. Joy

    i knew my baby could see something in our old house and he is truley an angel sent from heaven!

  31. Sylvannia

    I have these holes and I see beings and spirits. You probably will hear of me in the near future in the music and art industry. I am 33 years old and follow after Gods Heart. When U do this, then your powers will come. You will become rich when you make a vow to God to serve him by taking care of the sick, lost ,and poor.. You will mostly become rich in spirit and that will transfer into the physical world as riches. I think your age has alot to do with it. I always thought I was different and special from birth but not in a cocky way. The older I got the more intouch I grew with my spiritual side, although you will face alot of pain and heartache in your journey God is and the Holy Spirit and the Saviour will guide you. You are probably alone alot this is God pulling people away for His time with U so U can hear Him more clearly. God Bless

    • Jennifer

      U have the most realistic an best answers I’ve heard so far! GOD is everything…. thxs stay blessed!!

    • Natalie

      I have the pit and have seen things since I was little. Also going into the music industry as an artist! There’s a lot of power for influence there.

    • Latoya

      I love your comment!😉

    • Opirinho

      I really need to get in touch with you, real soon as well.
      Please kindly get in touch with me through my email (influentialmedium@yahoo.co.uk)
      It will mean a great deal to me….stay blessed.

  32. Shika

    hey,,, I have Preauricular Sinuses too.. But i have noticed that wen its too hot and am sweating there is this weird liquid thing that comes out it. And sometimes it comes out when its not hot and its rather hard. Its been such a nuisance since I was growing up, if people came to notice it they would tease me and stuff, but am glad i have strong side burns to cover it up, but unfortunately is gets it to sweat more and then there is the smelly liquid thing. I went to the doctors to see what i was about and they refered me to the hospital. But i sorta have grown to love it, and I have it both ears, one of them the skin grew a little on the inside so its not hollow but on the left hand side its still kinda deep. About the whole ghost thing, i have been able to see things since I was quite young, and i have seen alot of weird things and am 21 now and around the age of 14 i stopped seeing things, but I went on this history tour of the edinburgh ghost tour, and it was the scariest experience i have had ever. It was horrific. But i try to avoid things like that, its okay if you are in that kind thing but its horrific when you get hurt. Anyways, nice article.

  33. james

    I have two of them and believe I can control the weather kinda. And basic and astro phisics makes perfect Denver to me

    • Anne Anklton

      I am african-american and I’ve had a preauricular sinus all my life, 58 years, Only found out Wednesday June 5, 2013 what it is called. So, of course, I’ve never had problems. Not rich, Not psychic, but I am inciteful, and incredibly bless.

  34. P

    I have two…the one on my left ear being deeper than the other one. I’m African American, not that it matters and I have to stick an earring dipped in peroxide or alchohol after i try to push the white smelly stuff out to dissenfect…i could be doing a very wrong thing but it seemed right. It itches sometimes out of no where and that’s when I know it’s time to clean it out. Freaks me out a little because i’m always conscious of it not smelling….My husband does not need to experience that mess…lol. When I was younger I did see spirits, and use to talk to my mother all the time when i was three (she passed away) People use to tell my grandmother to not allow it…my grandmother would see me or listen tome having a conversation with her like she was sitting right across from me, but she felt my mother was just coming in and checking up on her baby. Now the rich part…still waiting, but I will say that I’m blessed :)

  35. juana

    i have one of these and i think its quite stange my mom or dad dont have them i havent ever brocken any bones and well i hope the richness part is right although i had a fortune teller tell me that to before idk

  36. dee

    im deasia im 12 years old and i was born with two holes in my ear and im not rich yet dang

  37. im 48 years old and my 16 yr old son just recently told me that I have one on my left ear.im definitely not rich (monetarily any way) but ive also NEVER had a broken bone. been in quite a few auto and boat accidents but never a broken bone. HMMMMM also had a kidney stone that was very painful for a day but within two more days it had passed without pain, maybe there is something to this.

  38. Brieonna

    I have one in both ears and it hasn’t bothered me until last week when it started to hurt. The hurting just stopped today, but a lot of mucus has been coming out. Its thick and off-white colored. Mucus only comes out my right ear, but today my left ear started to hurt right after my right ear stopped. My mother has only one but hers’ never leaks. I’m a 13 year old Asian American.

  39. linda davis

    I am African American 60 years old I have a hole in both ear my son age 39 also have the same so do my grand son age 12…..I do believe there is something special about them……..still waiting for the money …..

  40. Dean

    I am a Caucasian South African. I have a PS either side. I have seen ghosts and am rich. I call it my 6th sense. My prediction skills are way higher than normal! :-)

  41. regina penny

    I have 2 of these now 1 is Infected what can I do. It hurts is very swollen
    please respond thanks,Regina

  42. adriablue

    I have two holes one for each ear. My parents are west indian and they have told me thay when I was younger I would see ghost and sometimes have premonitions. Im not rich but I havent seen any ghost lately lol

  43. Nina p

    I also have a hole but Im actually believing in the powers..,hopefully you see this now and are feeling as crazy as I am…

  44. Colleen

    Two of my children have these my daughter has them on both ears. I never knew what it was so I called them “angel piercings”. I figured they were just large pores and when they were babies I would squeeze them to get the gunk out. I can’t wait to tell them what they are! Thanks! … Rich you say… I know whose going to take care of me when I get old….

    • Tonina prive

      (Crying as I type) this is so much for me to take in…ALL of my life I’ve felt I had a special bond with God I was always scared to tell ppl because I feared they would think I thought I was better even as a child my heart always spared ppl but my life was never spared..I was born to a mother on deugs never knew my father and i was raised by my grandmother my aunt and later my cousin..so as you can guess I’ve always wondered about me. Who i was and stuff. One thing I did know was that i was different. I felt like I’ve been here before or there was something bigger in store for my life. In school mainly history i was a teachers nightmare but I was never gifted in anything else. I literally felt like I could do anything. My family says I can predict or sense death because i told them the exact moment my uncle died before it happened and as my grandma was taking her last breathes I could feel it.. What we have i cannot explain but as I do much research compare the stories I know something is special about us.. This year is our year I believe. People are waking up to something BIG and devastating. Oh I was involved in 3 car accidents,a go kart flip over and a Barbie play car ride gone wrong and no broken bones. I ask that you all pray for the at this time because I am in a spiritual war. Thanks

  45. bob

    I have one also. I noticed it as a child. My Drs. Explanation was “it’s a hole in your ear” loved that one. Mine collects fluid then gets itchy. Thanks for removing the mystery.
    Bob OMalley@Facebook.com

  46. Scooter

    I am 55 and have 1 in my right ear. My father has 1 in his left ear. My sister has 1 in both ears and my nephew has 1 in his left ear. I have always had a feeling that I was special and not in an arrogant way. I have 2 sisters and a brother, but I am closer to my sister that has it. I remember thinking I could see things as a child that no one else could. I think the older I got, the more I suppressed it. I still have moments when I feel things or know things are going to happen.

  47. Lee

    I’m 51 and I have 1 PS in each ear and I was born with a veil. My father and one of my sisters (the youngest) also has one. My son was born with one but it is now closed – didn’t see that happen. Anyway, we all look eerily alike and my son & I have a weird six-sense. People hate playing Pictionary with us because he blurts out the answer before I’m finished signing them. I’ve always been lucky when it counts (never hit the big lottery – yet) and have survived over 5 near-death incidents. My left PS swells with puss (sorry) and I have to pop it but that happens very infrequently. No one is removing my PS. I’m too blessed!

  48. Max Sixtus

    Am 44 and have one in my left ear. I am not filthy rich by many standards, but among my folks and those around me, I will say “God had been gracious “. Though others wander the mystery of my intellectual ability, I also wonder why they see me soo unique. At age 7 or so, after attending Good Friday service at a Catholic Church, I drove a big nail through my palm , all way out ; and shown it to my mum in gladness spelling all over my face for emulating Christ. And I can say is God is Good At The Time.


  49. Crystal

    My daughter has PS on both ears. She is the first person I’ve ever seen with them. When she was born a lady told me about the holes and that she had a veil. Tell you the truth it scared me. She is 6 now. My best friend died three months ago. The day after she passed my daughter seen her for the first time as a ghost. Every since then my friend visits a few times a week. I was a little skeptical at first but my daughter tells me things that she couldn’t possibly know like my friend was pregnant with identical twins. One died. My daughter tells me about the baby my friend brings with her and she tells me my friend tells her about the babies. My daughter goes spend time with my friends mom and I think it’s a comfort for the mom to know her daughter is around and can talk through my daughter. Many people think we are crazy but I know my daughter sees my friend.

  50. Tieisha

    I swear I be knowing things before it happen I have the hole my four daughter’s don’t have it but when I had my twin boys they both have it

  51. Anne

    I have one on each ear.. and so my baby does., my mom has it too and my grandmom,, i guess it rans on the ladies in the family,, my mom’s got irritated and swollen so she had a minor surgery and dr advised to close it.. they said people with PS are good swimmers or could stay in the water for longer time., i guess its our gills! Lol

  52. SheenaG

    I so think this is awesome. I have a single hole but my mother, grandfather, and son all had 2 holes. I do see and communicate with spirits and have puss come out of mine. I have a couple of other family members who also share thus biological trait on my mother’s side of the family. But I guess I better start looking for the getting rich abilities. Lol thanks for the info.

  53. my son has it on his right ear, and he always act been spiritual but i thank God he his demostrating it in the good ways but i knew he his special.

  54. bisho

    omg…i got two of them left n right ears

    • latifah hutchings

      Hi. I have a hole in my ear. Every since I was younger then I would get the funky puss thing too. On a more spiritual level, every home I have stayed in I have experienced paranormal activity. Sometime I would get these bad feelings and I don’t know what they are but boom good things would occur. On a more finacial level. I am not rich yet but the spirits bring me money. I have never been broke or hungry throughout my journey of living. I never understood why I was so blessed. I actually drive lyft and uber where most drivers average out at $10hr. When I drive I swear people just hand me money and I end up making $200 a night. I spent all my money and rent was due and I got approved for $600 I dont have to give back. It’s weird even when bad things happen to me then good always come. I have been very fortunate with the money portion. My fiance thinks its miraculous how I get money from no where. I also am fulfilled spiritually. I meet strangers and they tell me their while life stories and ask for advice I always have the words to give them even though Ive never been in their situation. A guy last week said I was an angel. I don’t know why I meet great people that like to help me out and support me but I do. I think the hole makes a big difference.

  55. Same as guys i have the hole in my left ear. im not rich but have had man dream of being rich, i dont recall breaking a bone, have been very sick twice in my life around first month of birth and at the age of 11 and 12.doctor said i had two days to live but now im 32 yrs old. i also have had stranger ask me question and tell me their stories for what ever reason, found money alot growing up. my dreams are more like daja vu. like i seen this before. or live it are in some type of manner. i dont think i have seen a ghost but people faces somethings really re symbol someone i knew. always been quick to learn new things and come very easy, and i can remeber alot of things from early child hood.before the illness people called me genius, and i did usually healed very fast. never had the oozing part are pain.. but if i ever become so rich i will try to find you and our others , of gods special child’s.

  56. Pharaoh

    All of you need to start eating and doing things healthy ,stay away from meat, all life is precious , all of need to get in tune with your inner self, all of you need not follow your doctor into being a piggy bank, time is getting thin, i want all of you to know your self before you need guns to protect yourself and others,your a weapon alone, only a matter of time before, you can access whats inside you , i fear some of you will lose your inner gifts, you are threats to an agenda. – A Pharaoh .

  57. Indie

    I had two. They would drain and smell awful. At 14 one got infected. I had to have it lanced. Very painful. Two weeks later so infected that my face and eye was swollen and black. Had it lanced again. Eventually had both removed. I also have four kidneys and my mom had three. My first child has one, but it does not drain

  58. Jess

    I am a white 30 year old canadian and I also have PS. Mine is very noticeable, ever since I was little I have seen spirits and I am very intuned in the water aspects. I consider myself a water witch ( for spreading good out to the world ). I am not financially rich, but I do consider myself rich with what I have in a non financial way. I am getting really good at healing other people`s energy using reiki ways. My mother would always tell me that it was as if I was an old soul and that I have abilities that I need to get intuned with. I have quite a few dejavues that really do happen, its scary at times.
    I also get a leakage from the hole like some of you and use peroxide to clean it. I have only met 2 others who have PS and one is very intuned with the moon and water as well, it helps her clarify this, as it does for me. The second person is my 2 1/2 year old daughter who has it in both ears, I have cought her talking to things that arent there but not in a playful imagination kind of way. It was as if someone was really there, I felt it too.

    So nice to fall onto this site. I am happy that theres others out there like me. Blessed be.

  59. Menelik Charles

    This site is a great relief….so happy I am now able to name what I have (two holes, one above each ear). I to am very intuitive…more so than anyone I know personally.

    Thanks again you guys for all the comments and insights…I’ve learned so much about myself and about us.


  60. Joshua

    I have both.

  61. Rickson

    I have it on my left ear. The stinking pus is annoying. But other than that, yes, i do feel that i am a little special. I can almost do everything well in a shorter time span. I also think I have uniqueness in thoughts which helps in brain storming and ideas generating. I can also tell a person’s characteristic by their appearance. And I am very logical in thinking which helps me to “see more things” in relation to what I see and feel. Intuitive may be the keyword.

    • AJ

      Not to correct you, but it’s what a friend of mine called intuitive perception it’s a gift that is passed from one generation to another my mother and my grand mother had it, and it’s mostly with women so to be a man and have this gift is very special. It’s what another friend of mine calls Gods gift of warning.

  62. Michelle

    When you have them you have the ability to cast out demons and or heal people. I only say that because I have had demon possessed people running from me. If you are not right with God you won’t get it though. I could only see them and nobody else could.Now I can get rid off them.

    • Nthaby

      Recently I have realised that I can cast out demons in prayer and also can pray for someone to be healed.

      We just have to spend a lot of time with God and for the Holy Spirit to guide us in to doing what is goods.

      I have it on my left ear.

  63. Michael Covington

    I live in Cincinnati Ohio I was born with these tiny holes on both of my ears and as I walk by some people they do smile babies too I’m not rich my mom’s did tell me people who are born with these holes can see ghost I’ve only seen one once I do got some abilities that I can do that I wonder how can I do them with out training I hate the oilly juice that comes out of mines it has a smell to it never had any pain with them yet and I’m now forty six years ol now.

  64. insights

    love this info here we are blessed folks GODS children…

  65. Sheila Marshall

    I am a 61-year old white woman and I have one above both ears and I have had experiences with spirit entities. I have felt, seen, and heard things that other people didn’t. When I was a younger woman, I would have dreams of things to come. I have since lost that”gift”. I didn’t know what to do with it.

  66. Rhonda

    I was told by my mother i was born with veil over my face. I still have both holes top of my ears. Yes i see ghost every now and then. I also have preadmission it comes and goes. Talking about becoming rich well hell im still waiting 😃 I do get lucky on the lottery but not rich yet.

  67. Trevor Ryan

    Can somebody please explain with evidence if these people really have spiritual giftings and if they can drive out evil spirits of bad luck and curses safely without opening doors to spiritual warfare?
    Please contact me with explanations i am studying this topic.

  68. Janea M Stephen

    I have 2 one on each side

  69. Ana

    Hi, you rich already?hehe. Kinding, i have that hole too and wondering about the special powers

  70. Nafisat

    I have 3 PS

  71. Devante Gambrell

    I was told that it is called a ghost hole. My mother has one and I have two. I have had contact with different family members, that have past and I can remember the dreams, what was said and even spoke to my mother. She noticed how It happens and just tell me to pray. I had one this morning and it was strange to understand. My great grandparents were alive dancing, and loving on each other but were using the energy of two people in the room. I’m taking it as they were letting me know they are ok and together in the after life. They both passed a year or two apart. So I would assume it took them some time to find each other. But when I woke up I felt a negative energy. So yeah, it’s above my knowledge of understanding.

  72. Lisa

    When I was in my 20s I got a personalized license saying gifted, but not really realizing how much until later on. I have a hole in my right ear too. I can cross over and can feel spirits and also know who has bad intentions or good ones. My son has one too, and he has the psychic ability.

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