Happy Holidays or what?

Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! Merry Christmas?

I guess it’s a slow news week because they were rehashing the whole Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas debate on the local news last night. Really? What’s the big deal? According to a poll done by the folks over at Rasmussen Reports, 68% of Americans prefer “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays.” Whereas only 25% favor “Happy Holidays.” You can check out the report to see them break it down by gender, age and even political party if you care.

I don’t really see the big deal. I mean, I’ve been telling people to have a good holiday for the past week or so. I ask people what they’re doing for the holidays, not what they’re doing for Christmas. I don’t think I straight up say “Happy Holidays” and I know for sure I do not say Season’s Greetings unless I’m reading a Hallmark card. I guess it’s because I don’t really feel like it’s Christmas and Christmas is not that big on my mind. It might also be because I can recognize and respect that many people do not celebrate and/or make a big deal out of Christmas. I might as well as about the holiday because I really mean their entire vacation, Christmas and New Year’s.

Still, there are a lot (over 60% apparently) of people who feel offended by “Happy Holidays.” Last year, folks even boycotted their beloved Wal-Mart after employees were told to stop saying Merry Christmas and Christmas was removed from advertising. “Put the Christ back in Christmas” is what they say, right? Give me a fucking break grandma. True, some people stay pretty true to what Christmas is all about, a birthday celebration for a Jewish kid named Jesus. The Savior. God’s only son. The virgin birth. Three wise men. A manger. You know the story. Still, “Christ” hasn’t been in Christmas for quite some time as far as most people are concerned. I don’t think that turning your ire to a quaint saying is really going to do anything. I feel the same way about folks and gay marriage. They harp on and on about the sanctity of marriage when it comes to homosexuals, but marriage hasn’t been that holy in quite some time.

I don’t wish someone a good holiday because I’m against Christmas. I actually think saying Merry Christmas makes me sound like I’m in A Christmas Carol waiting for Tiny Tim to jump out and throw down his crutches. I don’t spell Christmas like “X-mas” because I hate Jesus. It’s the same reason I type LOL, GTFOOHWTBS, WTF and TTYL. I’m just lazy.

I think folks take this all way too seriously and want to turn everything into some battle between left and right, liberal v. conservative, politically correct vs. traditional, right v. wrong and good v. evil. Sounds like a good way for Hallmark to sell all kinds of cards if you ask me.

Either way, yall have a safe and happy holiday/Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/etc, (no, I’m not including Kwanzaa because another blog post will come on that later on. Fa’ Sho).


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3 responses to “Happy Holidays or what?

  1. Peyso

    I jus wanted to say that the phrase “X-Mas” is an abbreviation of the greek spelling of Christmas. I believe Christ is spelled XPIST. Thus the X in X mas comes from the letter Chi

  2. I’m glad you posted about this because it’s been irking me for a minute too.

    I mean, ain’t Christmas a holiday? Why is then disrespectful to say Happy Holidays? Jesus ain’t the reason for everybody’s season.

    It is soooo not this serious for there to be a debate every holiday season about it.

  3. Tommy Mitchell

    I agree sweet blog btw looks like you put a lot of work into it

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