You better work!

By now, I assume most of you have seen the card RuPaul did in Obama style. If not, see Exhibit A.

I’m not really going to go on about the photo except to say that I think RuPaul looks freakin’ fabulous as Michelle and pretty damn sharp as Barack too. Seeing the photo made me think of RuPaul who has been off of the radar for a minute. I thought about how cool she was and was inspired to blog about it.

RuPaul was doing her thing in the 90’s, no doubt about it. It’s weird because I feel like all kinds of people were accepting of RuPaul then or at least enjoyed her for the entertainment value. She was the world’s favorite drag queen. This short clip basically sums it all up:

Born Andre Charles, the giant (nearly 7 ft tall) actor/musician stormed onto the scene almost out of nowhere. What many of us didn’t know was that RuPaul had already been making rounds in the drag entertainment circles. My first memory of RuPaul was the hit song Supermodel where she had everybody talking about some “Sashay, Chante’!”

RuPaul, who sometimes performs without drag, channeled that larger than life frame and personality into appearances all over the place. TV, movies, her own variety-type of show. She broke barriers by becoming the first drag queen supermodel after signing with MAC cosmetics (move over Isis).

She really did show us how to “work” because even though everyone knew RuPaul was a man, didn’t we all envy those long, toned legs and glamorous (albeit over the top) style? Didn’t we just love her totally out there personality and fun attitude? Didn’t we all strut at least once to Supermodel? Or was that just me?

Perhaps I just like people who are fun-loving and confident. The kind of people who enjoy making others happy and keep it fabulous. Maybe that’s why I liked LaVerne from I Want to Work for Diddy so much. She most def wasn’t no RuPaul, but she probably uses RuPaul’s model as a plan for success. That’s another thing I’d have to give her props for, RuPaul sure knew how to be about her business. I could learn a thing or two about climbing the ladder to success in high heels, a sequined dress and a big blonde wig (well, maybe not the wig).

FYI, RuPaul is still doing her thing. According to her site she’s making appearances and supporting charitable causes. There’s even a new show set to air in 2009 with RuPaul presiding over a reality show on the LOGO network. Check the site to see cross-dressing hopefuls compete for the spotlight. Le sigh, where are all the really FIERCE queens out there? Where’s my inspiration?!


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3 responses to “You better work!

  1. rupaul should be chair of the national department for the security and advancement of BANGIN. oooh, i’m so looking forward to her reality TV show.

  2. LMAO @ The Barack and Michelle pic.
    That’s wild…

  3. I agree w/ this “Perhaps I just like people who are fun-loving and confident. The kind of people who enjoy making others happy and keep it fabulous” because this is what draw me near to people…

    As for the Obama|Michelle picture, RuPaul still has it! That little snippet did her justice too.

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