Dear Chinese-Americans,

Thank you for keeping your Americanized Chinese takeout restaurants open AND delivering on Christmas. You have provided many a Christmas dinner for folks like me.

Since it is a holiday, I expect you to put TWO fortune cookies in my bag. I hope that I won’t be disappointed.

Very Truly Yours,

Order #56

And although it’s terribly offensive (apologies), who doesn’t remember this apropos scene from A Christmas Story?


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3 responses to “Dear Chinese-Americans,

  1. KZ

    I don’t even like Chinese food, but the pizza places we normally order from were closed, so I agreed to eat whatever my friends ordered, and I was never happier to find that they were still open.

  2. trEmaine

    I rather enjoy that scene from A Christmas Story, lol… And, I probably should have stayed home and ordered Chinese (or cooked) my damn self.

  3. Jet

    I loooooooooooooove this video!!!!!

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