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the ex files

So I saw one of my ex boyfriends this week while visiting in North Carolina. Let’s call him Jordan. Apparently Jordan still has me on his AIM Buddy List and saw my away message that read: “In NC.” He IM’d me and suggested we see each other. At first I was a little hesitant. I was surprised to hear from him and one of the first things I wondered about was all of the other away messages he must have been reading. Second thing I thought about was why he wanted to see me anyway. We did not end well at all and there is no interest on my end to get back together. He said he just wanted to see me and see how I was doing. Fine, okay. Well my friends and I had plans to go bowling so I told him he could stop by the bowling alley. He originally wanted to meet at a “quaint bar” as he put it, but I figured it was best that we were with my friends instead.

He was all cheesing when he saw me, told me I looked good and sounded impressed when I talked about some of the things I have going on for myself right now. It shouldn’t matter, but it felt good that he “approved”. I guess there’s always that feeling of vindication when your ex is clearly still into you and you’re not into them. Even more than that, when they can see that you are better without them. I know for a fact that I am healthier, stronger, better (and thinner, lol) than I was when we were dating and it felt good that he could see it too. Continue reading


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