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The classes here suck

We’ve only been in class since Monday and I swear they all suck. I don’t know what the problem is. Back at the main campus (Philly) the teachers are really great. Many are experts in their subjects and have a real gift for teaching. I don’t know who they got to come over to Japan. Most of them are folks who work over here already in international firms. I probably don’t have to tell you this, but just because you’re a chemist doesn’t mean you can teach chemistry and just because you work at an international law firm doesn’t mean you can teach internationl civil procedure either.

It’s really hard to make it through these classes. They’re mostly from around 5pm to 9pm with some starting earlier and ending a little later. I have a couple of 3hr classes to sit through and it’s like torture when your professor is rambling on about nothing. You’d think these classes would be pretty interesting, especially since I’m becoming increasingly interested in the international application of public interest law. Here’s what I’m taking this semester: Int’l Human Rights, Intro to Japan Law, Int’l Dispute Resolution (which is really Int’l Civil Procedure), East-West Negotiations, and I’m still undecided about the last course. I’ll know today whether I’m going to stay enrolled in Trusts & Estates or switch to Int’l Immigration.

I’m also taking a Survival Japanese class that is turning out to be the most interestesting but is a pain. It’s totally inconvenient. We have to get to Japanese class at 12pm and then sit around until about 5pm for classes we don’t leave until 9:30pm!

It’s even harder because I usually deal with lame classes by Twittering, AIM, or posting on the message board… something! Now, being 14 hours ahead, I’m in class while everyone else I know back in the US is asleep in their beds.

This class thing is really getting in the way of my exploration and trips. :( In that respect, these few months can’t go by fast enough!


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