911, Sumo & the Drunk Bus

Last weekend was our first time really going out to party in Tokyo. True, we’ve been here for a couple of weekends, but we were so jetlagged out the first week there was no way we were making it out. I think we made up for it sufficiently.

Friday: After a lame class on Japan Law, we hooked up with some students and went out for Japanese fast food, basically rice bowls topped with anything from taco meat to curry. It was cheap but it wasn’t yummy. Afterward, we met up at an English pub for drinks. The place was alright but most importantly had semi-decently priced drinks. Pretty important here because our area of town is kind of pricey when it comes to that sort of thing. On suggestion of one of the crazier students in the group, we headed over to this club called 911 to dance a bit. That spot was suuuuuuuuper crowded but the music was good.

Yo, Japanese people are pretty damned reserved during the day but at night… whoa! They’re crazy. They were dancing around all nutso (think white people dancing) but definitely enjoying themselves. It’s really interesting how even the most straight-laced looking people get totally wild at the club. I danced with like 3 suited up business men, one even took off his tie and wrapped it around my neck, freaky styles! There was this one guy we dubbed RainbowCoat who stuck close to our group all night long. He was dancing around in his puffy rainbow jacket, putting his head on the girls’ shoulders,  seemingly trying to get as close to our boobs as possible. You ain’t slick, RainbowCoat! There was a decent amount of foreigners in there as well but not too many. I think I burned 17 nose hairs due to the one African dude (sorry my dark continent peeps) who obviously has a cultural aversion to deodorant. Altogether, that night was alright. Once the music devolved into a techno nightmare, we got out of there and headed home.

Saturday: Saturday got off to a great start when we joined a group from school to see a Sumo wrestling tournament. All types of people packed in the arena (young, old, Japanese, foreign) to see dudes with big guts and flat butts slap each other out of the ring. It was really cool to see all of the ceremony involved: the calling out of names, the official/referee type dude, the parading of flags, stomping and purification of the ring. Check out some video links: Sumo 1; Sumo 2; Sumo 3.

After sumo, we headed back to our side of town to catch the drunk bus. My roomie HL has a college buddy who lives in Tokyo and his girl organized a double decker bus ride through the city. This wasn’t your run of the mill tour through Tokyo, however. This bus was rocking because the entire first floor was a bar while the second floor held a cool mix of American, Austrailian, English and Japanese drunk folk, including myself! Bonus was we didn’t have to go downstairs to grab drinks, there was a waiter who brought them up for us. For a little over $40 bucks (¥4,000) we got a 2 hour, all you can drink ride.

The best part of the ride was how all of the people outside would look up at the bus and wave. I know we looked crazy because we were screaming and holding beer bottles out of the windows. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album was blaring from the speakers and we were all dancing in the aisles. Well, I’ll say we tried to dance in the aisle.

While the Japanese chicks were small enough to stand up in their boots, my crew had to damn near fold in half just to walk back and forth! Not much walking was expected luckily, just drinking. Kompai/Cheers! We were supposed to keep the party going by heading to a club in Roppongi, but after the drunk bus and a stop at an Austrailian pub, we were wiggity wasted. There’s always next weekend, however, which will either find us skiing/snowbarding up north or at a sake tasting event in the city. TBD!


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  1. lmao at getting “tied up” by a business dude in the club. sometimes i wish i were in a big city instead of in bungoland. i want to plan a trip to kyoto & oskaa, if you (and your law peeps) have any interest let me know.

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