Tokyo by request

Before I came here, people were telling me about all the things they would want to see, do or buy if they ever had the chance to visit Tokyo. Well, I’m here and you’re not (no gloating intended). I have until the end of April (exams, ya know) to explore this town and the surrounding areas. Tell me some of the things that you would SEE, DO or BUY here and I will try my best to get to those places/things and take photos which I’ll post here.

Experience Tokyo vicariously through me! (Plus we always need ideas of what to do). I’ve already tasted two kinds of flavored Kit-Kats for my boy Jason. FYI, the strawberry KitKat (no chocolate, just strawberry and the cookie inside) was tasty as hell. The apple KitKat (apple-flavored chocolate) smelled just like a Macintosh apple but had a funny aftertaste. I have yet to taste the green tea jawn and one that looks like it’s stew flavored. I dunno.

I'll try to do a better job of finding things.

I'll try to do a better job of finding things.

Taking requests in the comments!


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6 responses to “Tokyo by request

  1. Eug

    Taste the Green Tea Kit Kats. And I think the one you think are Stew flavored are really sweet red bean flavored. Try them. They’re delicious. In the springtime, Peach ones will come out, but only for a limited time. They’re really into the limited time deal. And the peach tea (limited time in Spring), and Apple Tea drinks are amazing. A lot of desserts are flavored with sweet red bean (or have sweet red bean filling), its really tasty, but it might be an acquired taste. Also the dried fish and squid snacks are delicious, tasty, and cheap. Again, may be acquired? (I’m not sure, b/c I grew up eating these things, and some people think its gross…but they don’t even give it a shot). And the Inari – rice balls with a little Tofu skin around the edges – that you can get at all convenience stores are tasty/cheap good snack. Pocky Sticks are delicious too, esp the strawberry and the almond crunch kind. I ended up bringing and sending home like 5 lbs of kit kats. Also try the ramen shop by school with the yellow sign and the long, long line to get in always. It’s tasty, if not a bit rough around the edges. All I did in Tokyo was eat my way through that little city. I think a day trip to Odaiba and Ueno Park are also really fun. By Ueno Park there is this big alley way with all these outdoor eating stalls and cheap flea market type shopping where I bought 7 pairs of 200Y tights. Okay I’m rambling.

  2. Eug

    PS Haagen Daaz Black Sesame Ice Cream.

  3. Eug

    PPS CHINGGIS KHAN. We’ve told Rachel about this, and how to get there. That’s where I met Harold! Tell the boys to work out before they go there. (From Shelly and Eugena)

  4. shelly

    chinggis: Restaurant Chingis Han. – JR Otsuka station (Yamanote Line) (Kita-guchi:North Exit). Take a left when you leave the station – walk along the road next to the train tracks. It will be on the right (there will be a sign with the numbers 3,800 yen). There is a map on the website. Address Kita-otsuka 2-3-1 Restaurant No. 03-5961-1851.

  5. franklanzkie

    This is gonna sound weird, but the Tokyo Apple store. Like outside & inside shots if possible. Oh & the Sony Corp building. Just an outside shot will do. Kthnx!!!

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