First dance

So remember how I was all womp womp about not being able to be in DC with all of you for the inauguration? Well, I’m still womp womp. Even more so after I had to go to bed last night knowing everyone stateside was just gearing up to watch everything (from the frigid Mall or gathered around their TV sets).

I woke up around 8:30am (6:30pm est) and watched a replay of the President’s oath and speech on MSNBC. I caught up on reactions via Twitter. I flipped through blogs and I skimmed photos. While I was glad for the Obamas and proud of the historical moment we are living through, I was kind of pissed because, well, it just didn’t feel like much. Folks on Twitter were talking about their tears and the shivers up their spine. They were all on and on about the electicity in the air, even while their toes froze off of their feet.

Womp womp.

Granted, I’m not much of a crier unless I’m going through my ever-3-months breakdown and I’m still like two months away from my next due date.

Then I got back on Google Reader and saw some more blogs. I came across Barack and Michelle’s first dance as President and First Lady, boppin’ to the beat of Etta James’ classic “At Last,” sang by a more restrained than usual (but still fabulous) Beyonce.

I might just be sitting in the study room on campus in Tokyo, JPN with my earbuds in, volume turned down low, but I was cheesing the whole way through. Right at the end, when Michelle threw her arms around her husband’s neck, I got that tingly, stingy feeling in my eyes like MAYBE I could have dropped a tear. I’ll take it.


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3 responses to “First dance

  1. jessj

    sitting in front of the TV on CNN all day-literally since 6:30am yesterday I was holding my breath the whole time, especially during the parade. His inaugural speech was wonderful and I’m sure I would’ve felt more ‘chills’ had i been there (literally) but I agree the First Dance made me really remember that this is just a man, a husband, and a father who loves the women in his life and is trying to make a better world for them. THATS when the tears came. I completely love Barack and Michelle-they’re the real life Cliff and Claire lol

  2. Sasha Two Pistols

    I agree. I was waiting anxiously on my sofa Tuesday morning for everything to begin and thought that I would be more emotional than I was. I mean I was definitely touched and moved by the inauguration, but it wasn’t until that first dance that I even felt the inkling of a tear. From the moment he said “How good does my wife look”, to seeing the love just oozing from their eyes while they were dancing, just made me swoon. It is so great to see an African-American couple of their stature showing that real love is possible. It’s a great feeling! And they are definitely the real life Cliff and Claire Huxtable, even better!

  3. It was monumental, indeed…Not just the dance, but the entire event…

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