Is this funny?

Swiped from J&J Politics:


Is it funny if you knew the cartoonist was Black?
Just wondering.


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19 responses to “Is this funny?

  1. whitraye

    yeah i think its funny cause its true…you know how we do!

  2. Yeah, it’s funny. I laughed when I first saw it and I didn’t even consider the color of the artist.

  3. harum-scarum haze

    I laughed … at work.

  4. JJ

    That is a good question….If the cartoonist was white, it could be potentially controversial.

  5. I think it’s funny either way. Black or White cartoonist, but I’d agree w/ JJ, it would definitely be seen as controversial or “racist” and God knows what else if the cartoonist is white by most.

  6. It’s aight… The text is grouped kinda jumbled, and it’s not pleasant to read, IMO.

    But the concept is funny.

  7. Chardonnay

    I think it’s funny regardless. My friends and I were having a convo the other day and were saying the exact same thing would happen.

  8. LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

    I didn’t want to give my POV because I wanted to check out the reactions first. But before the cartoon, I was already hearing people make the same joke. You know someone’s going to get named Obama. Personally, I’ve always liked Michelle, but I could see it becoming more popular as will Sasha and Malia.
    I kind of cringe still when I see things like that because I feel like that’s “our” joke and when joked about outside of certain circles, folks can take it too far.
    Is it funny though? Kinda.

  9. Reality

    Perhaps if I was immature, it would have been funny. However, considering how many improvements that we as a people really need to make to ourselves, it’s a serious matter to me. So, no, I don’t think it’s funny. If he were white, it would cause controversy. But because he’s black, that makes it ok? I don’t think so. It’s either wrong or it’s not. And, IMO, it’s wrong.

    • Yale

      I am glad my Dad didn’t consider YOUR opinion when he drew the CARTOON! It is a funny cartoon, as most cartoons are meant to be!

  10. one of my friends sent that comic to our circle of friends, and i thought it was funny. i wrote back and said i was reserving the name ‘barchelle malia obama miller’ for my daughter. :-p perhaps i’m immature.

    i don’t think the comic is hilarious, but i do think it is funny. i definitely don’t find it offensive, no matter who the artist is, because it is just brings to light a current trend.

  11. intodc

    YES! it is howlingly funny! i did not know that the cartoonist was black, and i shared it with many of my friends.

    what do they say…the truth is the light? well, this says reams about us (in more ways than one, and not necessarily negatively), but, yes, it is truly hilarious!

    loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. well i’d rather obama…

    then say plies, diddyata, usherita or whatever other name that parents call find to call there children, that’ll have me laughing every time I see the names on a resume.

  13. Homie

    I think it’s funny.. (if it were by a black person). The funnier thing is that I had received silly a forward shortly after election day with a “warning” to “our people” to NOT do that.

  14. db

    what’s funny is, I only found this blog because I wanted to check up on the cartoonist. I read the cartoon, and my first thaught was “I sure hope a black person created this”. I realize how overly sensitive I was being once I found this blog, because lets face it, we all know it’s true and pretty darn funny.

  15. It's Me

    It’s funny. I sent it to everyone I knew with the subject line saying Racist or True and most felt it was true, maybe racist and true. I was curious about it too because it was a white teacher at my job that first showed it to me…

  16. S

    I too only found this blog because I received the email and wanted to check up on the artist. I thought it was funny and so true, but then I thought “wow, I hope this guy is Black”. I don’t think I would have found this funny if the cartoonist was white. It would be like someone saying something bad about a sibling or another family member. I can call my sibling names, but it doesn’t give you the right to call them those names. Some may disagree with my POV, but thats how I feel. Coming from a white person, that would have said “Black people are ghetto and give their children ghetto names”

  17. It’s funny either way…LOL

  18. bubblin' brown shuga

    its funny either way and white ppl name their kids ridiculous shit just as often as we do.

    for example:

    moon unit


    so i would bet on meeting at least one white child named obama with hippie parents.

    btw–the name michelle has increased in popularity, so has sasha. i imagine malia is up next. if you check the records its happened with every popular presedency.

    i thought of naming my daughter kennedy.

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