I don’t have anything against tattoos

But really, you’ve just made a decision that will likely snuff out any hope of a future, girlie.

Crunk & Disorderly

Photo: Crunk & Disorderly

I have a tattoo on my lower back (womp womp, “tramp stamp” whatever) that I got when I was a freshman in college. It’s just my name and some other shit around it so nothing too bad. Still, if I could go back in time I wouldn’t have gotten it. Not because I have anything against tats, I just would have gotten something better. It really is hard to decide what you want to have permanently etched into your skin.

People say tats are addictive. I’ve only had one for about ten years and although I do want another, I’m being super picky about what to get. As one should. I’m sure homegirl in the pic had friends who told her that was going to be a hot tattoo. But word to the wise, don’t get a tat as a message to the proverbial haters out there. That’s dumb. I mean really… is she going to rock mocknecks her entire life?

I know a few people with questionable tattoos which make me think (however wrong I may be) that they won’t go very far in life. Like if you have a tat that says “Murderer” on the side of you neck, you’re likely limited to the following careers: Athlete, rapper, mover, reformed gang counselor, garbage man, dishwasher, or… MURDERER. Maybe I’m wrong. I just know that I’m not going to visit Dr. ____ if he/she has Murderer peeking out from under that white coat, ya dig?


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4 responses to “I don’t have anything against tattoos

  1. jessj

    ROFL this is so funny bc I just talked to my friend today abt how a want another tattoo (this will be my 3rd) but lk you I got one and then waited super long, like 8 years before I got another one. But yeah if your tat’s all out for the public eye then at least make it something that won’t cost u a job lol

  2. missayana

    dam. people get counseling before marriage yet tattoos are way more permanent.

  3. Brittny

    Look on the bright side…there LITERALLY

  4. Brittny

    is a future on her front because not only will her kids have the privilege of being breast fed but they will acquire reading skills all at the same time!!! So yay for her kids!!

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