You’re invited to a pity party.

I’m starting to get nervous. I’ve been nervous, but now i’m pretty damned frustrated and mildly depressed. I’m starting to think that I am not going to be a working attorney, at least not any time soon. I am scheduled to get my JD this May and today, at the end of January, I do not have a job lined up. That might not seem like a big deal to those outside of the legal field. Those within the field know that many people have already secured job offers for after graduation. In fact, there are some students who have known about their post-grad jobs over a year and a half ago.

Just yesterday I got two rejections. Thanks but no thanks. “We had so many qualified candidates it was difficult to choose…” blah blah blah. I can’t even remember how many jobs I’ve applied to so far. I suppose the job market is to blame in part. I can admit that I am not at the top of my class. I did not do a journal or law review. I did not win awards on trial team. I know that all contributes to being a competitive candidate. Still, I can’t help but be frustrated by the fact that I have no clue WHATSOEVER what I will be doing after I walk across the stage back in Philly. I don’t even have anywhere to LIVE! I can’t just go home like some people are doing. I don’t really have a home to go back to. So not only do I not know what I’ll be doing, I don’t know where I’ll be living.

Even if I had a legal job, I don’t think I could accept it. Why not? Because I don’t think I am going to take the bar exam this summer. Plain and simple, I cannot afford to. Sure, very few people can pay for the necessary bar review courses, the bar exam fees and living expenses over the summer strictly out of pocket. People take out loans. That is not an option for me, however. Besides, like I’ve been saying, I don’t even know where to go, let alone which state’s bar to sit for!

Therefore, I’m considering alternatives. Seeing as I currently have no children, no man, no place to live, and no job offer, but will soon have a law degree, what can I do? Here’s what I’ve thought of so far today:

  1. Move to France, Paris most likely, and become a waitress or personal assistant. Maybe even an au pair who plays on the beach with French children and teaches them English. I have a pretty decent grasp of French (backed by over 7 yrs of study) which would improve quickly once immersed in France.
  2. Become a teacher. It’s not like we don’t need them. In fact, I believe there is a shortage of qualified educators and let’s face it, I’m pretty damned qualified. It’s been done before, I’m sure. Why, just look back to the Fox drama Boston Public. Remember when Ronnie Cook (played by Jeri Ryan) left the practice of law to become a high school teacher? See.
  3. Move back to NC and marry this dude who has been trying to marry me for the last 7 years. I’m sort of domestic. The housewife thing wouldn’t totally suit me, but I could kick back for a little while, at least until the kids started rolling in. :/
  4. Put 1,000 ads up on this blog, hoping you click some, and live off of the revenue. Eh.
  5. Lose about 25lbs and become an exotic dancer.
  6. Join the Peace Corps and build irrigation systems or educate people about HIV.
  7. Relocate to Orlando, FL and get a job with DisneyWorld as a backup singer for Cinderella.
  8. Go back to school somewhere for something and postpone living a real life and paying back real loans.
  9. Other suggestions?

See, told you if would be a pity party. Having fun yet? I’m sort of joking but not really. Every day I think of what’s going to transpire in the coming months. Every day I look for opportunities and try to work out alternatives. Ah well, if nothing else pans out at least my degrees will keep me warm at night, right ‘Ye?


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6 responses to “You’re invited to a pity party.

  1. ask the I Ching? {the chinese book of changes
    the marriage w/o love sounds like pain for the other person :(

  2. #1 People in France have no concept of deodorant, so if you can deal with the smell…then so be it.

    #2 Teachers are always needed and sometimes you can defer paying off your loans that way as well. And even if you start teaching, there’s always the administration part of education you can get in to as well.

    #3 There’s probably a reason why he’s not already married..whether it’s to you or someone else.

    #4 Or you can find someone with a similar blog name as yours and then sue them for unspecified damages b/c you’ve some how confused their readers into thinking you were them, that’s sure as hell quicker than ad revenue.

    #5 I hear poles can cause chaffing.

    #6 Peace Corps=Loan Deferment, another not so bad idea

    #7 I’m still upset there are no black disney characters.

    #8 I’m all for further education, nothing wrong with being a perpetual student.

    #9 Get a job at a University, that way if you decide to go back to school, it’s loan free.

  3. Wale

    LLM maybe?
    i feel you though. its rough out there.

  4. aw. i throw these pity parties for myself on the regular.

    (i’m bringing a bottle. misery loves company!)

    i think going to france would be a good move. just because you could build your language skills, make money, live somewhere cool, and prolong the “real” decision making process.

    i’m considering doing a work & holiday in australia or new zealand. you could look at something like that, cause really all you need is for your adventures to finance themselves, right?

    yea, you could be a teacher. that’s a good move. it’s also a career that may be applicable to other things, if it isn’t for you.

    working with an NGO or peace corps or another organization = good move. you could apply now, and chill out in france over the summer…

    i’m with the previous commenter who said try to get a job at a university and the whole tuition remission deal. i’ve been thinking about that too.

    sometimes i write down all of my options and then play M.A.S.H. to figure out my fate.

    good luck :-/

  5. SJU

    I didn’t have a job lined up after law school either.

    I was in the top 1/3 of my class but no journal or anything. It took about 10 mos. after I took the bar to get a job (this was in 1990).

    Since you don’t think you’ll take the bar right now, how ’bout a job as a paralegal/legal assistant. They seem to be in good demand and with your training it might be a good fit.

  6. BlkBond

    My vote is leaning towards the NGO or living abroad; better yet, both.

    NGO will give you alot of contacts within the first year or so which could set you up toward a career in government, lobbying firm, law firm, etc.

    Living Abroad would allow you to strengthen your language skills or acquire a new language, thus, making you more of an asset within the legal community.
    This time abroad will also give you perspective.

    A pity party is not the way to go however.

    I feel you. Trust, I do.


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