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To Congress: Fully fund violence against women prevention

Once again, here’s a way that you can participate in that CHANGE our new president was yapping about as well as help women and families. Please read and contact your elected officials. I will.
Swiped from Ann over at Feministing:

Both statistically and anecdotally, incidents of violence against women increase as the economy falters. As Obama prepares to release his budget, now’s the time to ask him and Congress not to reduce funding for preventing violence against women and helping survivors. According to Women’s eNews:

Congress is currently authorized to spend up to $175 million a year for the program. But the actual allocation of federal dollars is subject to a congressional vote, and lawmakers last year set aside $123 million; over $50 million less than was approved. That was a slight cut from fiscal 2007, when Congress spent $125 million on the program. Women’s safety advocates also want Congress to fully fund the Violence Against Women Act, a broader anti-violence law originally passed in 1994 that provides some funds for domestic violence shelters but also sets aside money for a wide range of other services relating to sexual and domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. But with an ailing economy curtailing federal revenues from taxes, and lawmakers focused on economic-stimulus efforts, more money for discretionary social programs that combat domestic violence could be hard to come by.

In other words, the tanking economy means there’s a greater need for these services, but less money to provide them. Marcella at abyss2hope writes,

I am asking each US citizen who reads this post to contact President Obama, your 2 senators (or 1 if you live in MN) and your representative and ask them all to support the reauthorization and the funding for the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. After you contact your representatives, please ask those you know to do the same.

Again, contacted your elected officials HERE.

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Off to do a bid: Alcatraz & Fuchu

I’ve been to prison twice in the past 7 days. It’s not that I’ve been smuggling drugs through Asia on some Brokedown Palace type stuff, I’ve just been hanging out!

Last weekend, I went to Alcatraz which is a theme bar in Shibuya. The Japanese love theme bars which are pretty eccentric. They range from a ninja bar where the waiters dress as ninjas and do tricks (we’re going soon) to a “Christian” bar where the place is decorated to look like a church. Alcatraz was up there in weirdness and had  a wacked out prison hospital theme.

Truthfully, Alcatraz had terrible food. As an izakaya, it served mainly bar food but it was bad bar food. No matter, we just wanted to drink and experience the craziness.

The highlights of the evening included drinking from test tubes and urinals, getting served in bedpans, being “scared” by deranged inmates, and having our friend Matt get carried away on a stretcher for some dinnertime “entertainment”. They basically wiped him down and injected his ass with a huge syringe. Not for real, but I guess I didn’t have to tell you that.

All in all it was cute. Definitely a one time visit though. Fuchu Prison up next

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Who’s that girl?

Somebody out there knows the answer to these questions. I’ve been trying to figure it out since probably the 8th grade.

What is the name of the blonde chick in all of these videos? What is she doing now? How did she get so popular in the video circuit? How come she can’t really dance?

@ 2:08 – She first shows up dancing in the bathroom with Fatimah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
All through the vid in the gold dress next to Big Lez.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Right in the opening. You get the point now.

Feel free to point out other videos she was in. There are a lot from the ’94-’99 period but I’m drawing a blank.


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I am not an observant person. I don’t think that I could ever sit with a police sketch artist and describe to them the perpetrator of a crime I had witnessed. I always thought it was because I wasn’t that good at describing people. Like, if asked, I couldn’t tell you a bank robber was __ tall or weighed __ lbs. When friends ask me what someone else looks like I say something like, “she’s short and light-skinned. short hair.” that’s as far as I can go without any distinguishing feature like a goiter or unibrow. Now I know it’s not just because I can’t describe anyone. It’s because I’m not paying close enough attention.

I was just alerted via Twitter that Drake is Jimmy from Degrassi: The New Generation. What the fuck? Continue reading


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Tokyo Lesson #335: Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the Japanese really mean what they say.

So anyone who has been to Japan will tell you that everyone here is not so good at translating things into English, especially on signs and menus. I’ve seen English idioms and phrases get butchered on store fronts, signs in stores spelling things totally wrong and menu pages use words that don’t really describe anything at all.

Exhibit 1: I think they meant clap

Exhibit 1: I think they meant clap

So when we saw a restaurant called Bowels we laughed and thought it was another case of botched translation. Surely these silly Japanese people meant to call the restaurant Bowls and just put the “e” in there by mistake. Maybe they were just phonetically sounding out bowls since there’s no real “wl” sound here it’d make sense to say “bo-we-ls”, or so we thought. So Thursday night we set out to visit Bowels just to see what they actually served in those bowls and to say we ate at bowels. Too funny to resist. 100_0016

The spot was nice. We got there and were led upstairs where about 3 other parties were dining. Despite all of the outside signage being in English, the menus only came in Japanese. Luckily, we had a friend with us who can speak a lil and a waiter who dabbled in English. We asked the waiter, what they served there and he straight up said BOWELS. We must have looked shocked because he rubbed his lower abdomen and said it again. BOWELS. Oh my God! The entire menu was centered around cow innards. We kind of looked at each other like oh well, there was always the slight chance this place would serve bowels, right? Continue reading


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Go to Hell State!

Carolina v. NC State – W, 89-80

Everyone recognizes the Carolina v. Dook rivalry and rightly so. It burns like no other. Every fan has deep hate for the other team. Still, there’s another school in the Triangle that we Tar Heels beef with, State. We even have a cozy place for the Wolfpack in our fight song. While Carolina is the better institution (by far), the rivalry is longstanding. While Dook is 8 miles down the road, State is 20. Still too close for comfort if you ask me. We mainly match up against them in football, since Dook has perpetually sucked in that sport and forever will. Looking forward to another UNC win, I leave you with the following…

Top 10 Reasons for Attending NC State University:

  1. There were too many big words in the Carolina application.
  2. I heard they were offering Tractor Pull 101 next semster.
  3. I really like penitentiary style architecture.
  4. They wouldn’t let me graze my cows in Kenan Stadium.
  5. State issued a special parking permit for my Monster Truck.
  6. There ain’t no spittoons in Carolina’s classrooms.
  7. Low student to animal ratio.
  8. “Raise hell! Raise hell!”
  9. Help keep Chapel Hill beautiful.
  10. I got me a Billy Joe Bob Scholarship for the academically impaired.


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False Advertisement


They lied. I checked.


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Big Plastic Cups

I hate them. I have what some might call an irrational aversion to big plastic cups. All I had to do was see this .gif on OKP and Twitter today and I was set off on a big plastic cup rampage.

I know. I should be focusing on how ridiculously funny that chick (?? or not) looks. Trust me, I LOL’d appropriately. Still, my FIRST reaction was “ugh, I hate that cup!” When I was younger, we had a few of those cups at the crib. They were mainly blue or green but I think there was a purple one thrown in there somewhere. I bet my aunt bought ’em from K-Mart or the dollar store, her favorite places. All I know is I avoided drinking from them. Why this hate?

People mostly use those cups to drink juice or Kool-Aid. I don’t think any human being should be drinking that much juice in one sitting. That cup is so big that when the drinker pulls the cup away, he is left with a juice mustache a la the Got Milk campaign. People drink out of em and don’t sip, they gulp… loudly. They gulp and you can hear them breathing all hard into the cup. I know what it is, I associate that cup with fat people. My aunt is fat. My uncle is fat and they love those cups. Yup, that’s it. That’s a fat ass cup, yall. Continue reading


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Love Lockdown?


Swiped from The Curvature, Cara writes about limited condom access at CVS stores. We’ve all seen condoms locked up behind the counter or out in the aisle somewhere. Like Cara says, I don’t buy condoms at places I need to ask permission to get inside the case. It’s a rubber, not the Hope Diamond! Anyway, it sucks but it’s not hard to believe that communities of color are getting hit with the lockup more so than others. Read the blog below and then click the link at the bottom to make your voice heard on the issue: Continue reading


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Random bits

Last weekend, the ladies and I went out to Kamakura and did some sightseeing. 100_0030The cool thing about that area, which is about an hour away from the city by train, is that it’s easy to get around via bicycle. So we rented a few and rode around to the Big Buddha, Hase Temple and got our first look at Japan’s coastline. I totally forgot we were on an island for a minute there.

Bought our tickets for spring break. A bunch of us are heading out to Thailand in March so while I’ll  be off the grid for a week or two, be on the lookout for updates and photos.

Speaking of photos, I’ve updated the Flickr stream (left sidebar).

Oh, and speaking of bikes, I went and bought one. Got it for ¥2,00o used which is pretty sweet since new they run around ¥11,800. In dollars I paid around $22. It’s a basic little “shopping bike” with a bell and 100_0002basket on the front LOL. Everyone rides them here. I took the train out to Hatsudai to pick up the bike from a nice lady named Rika who was packing up to move to Austrailia with her hubby. It took about an hour to ride the bike back to Akasaka (home) through Shibuya and Roppongi. Good thing though, because I’m getting a little workout on and hopefully things will be in the right place come Thailand.

What else is up? Been going out and partying. Having lots of fun with my new Japan friends. Granted, most of them are not Japanese, but still. It’s Valentine’s day here already and we’re going out with some new folks for a 5-course dinner. Then out to nomihodai clubbing. Holla!

Things have gotten better. We’ve been here since Jan 7th and I feel much more acclimated and comfortable. Still, being away makes you appreciate home a lot more. I’ll be diving into some Cap’n Crunch when I get back, just you watch!

I’m sure there will be more updates in the coming weeks. Some interesting things are planned like Harajuku, a prison tour and maybe a trip to Korea. I know I haven’t been updating for a while but I don’t think anyone wants to hear me talk about boring class.

FYI, McDonald’s here doesn’t serve breakfast. You don’t know how much you want an egg mc muffin until you can’t have one!


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