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Chocolate High?

No, not that India and Musiq yaddermean.

Yo, wtf? I know I’m probably late because I don’t get TV over here but um, AXE is wildin! AXE Body Spray has always employed interesting commercials i.e. women uncontrollably tearing away at men who wear their fragrance, but this one had me rolling.

According to their website:

AXE Dark Temptation is the new fragrance by AXE inspired by what women love most…chocolate.

AXE Dark Temptation combines the subtle aroma of chocolate with fresh gourmet scents, including hot chocolate amber and red peppercorn, to bring modern sophistication to this distinctive fragrance.

I mean, I’ve always been partial to men of a more chocolatey complexion, but this? Hahaha! “Dark Temptation” sounds like a male stripper in a leather thong or the label on a box of black dildos.

Also, are we to assume that if chicks are eating his nose, biting his butt and tearing off his arms, that they’re all over his chocolate peewee too? AXE, yall ain’t slick!

Let’s bet: How long before someone uses the term “blackface” in relation to the commercial?

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Take the Box

Amy Winehouse is my girl. I know, I know, she’s a train wreck of epic proportions. Now that her and Blake are going through it (again), I’m hoping we get more great music and no more of this falling into self-destruction and shitty displays at live shows.

Anywhoo, let’s focus in on this clip of a much healthier Amy (sans major tats and errant eyeliner) kicking the shit out of Take The Box off of her Frank album. I ♥ this song.

Bonus: (There is) No Greater Love

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