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Black History Month

I read a ton of blogs so I can’t remember where I came across a post calling for the end of BHM. Whatever, it’s not even that serious. People who are anti-BHM mostly shun it because they feel it’s (1) divisive, (2) simplistic, and (3) a back-handed compliment of sorts. Let me address these issues.

Divisive. Folks say that BHM is no longer relevant because Black people have come so far. We have Barack Obama in office! No problems, right? They say that by making a point to observe BHM, we’re separating out our history from that of a larger American story and therefore perpetuating any divisions that might already exist. Well I disagree. BHM is not the only month where a group of people take a moment to highlight their accomplishments. There’s Women’s HM, Hispanic/Latino HM, Native American HM, etc. There’s a month for causes like Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence (both in October) and months for foods, like watermelon! Why is it then that only BHM is singled out as being the cause of division in the country? Continue reading


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