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Go to Hell State!

Carolina v. NC State – W, 89-80

Everyone recognizes the Carolina v. Dook rivalry and rightly so. It burns like no other. Every fan has deep hate for the other team. Still, there’s another school in the Triangle that we Tar Heels beef with, State. We even have a cozy place for the Wolfpack in our fight song. While Carolina is the better institution (by far), the rivalry is longstanding. While Dook is 8 miles down the road, State is 20. Still too close for comfort if you ask me. We mainly match up against them in football, since Dook has perpetually sucked in that sport and forever will. Looking forward to another UNC win, I leave you with the following…

Top 10 Reasons for Attending NC State University:

  1. There were too many big words in the Carolina application.
  2. I heard they were offering Tractor Pull 101 next semster.
  3. I really like penitentiary style architecture.
  4. They wouldn’t let me graze my cows in Kenan Stadium.
  5. State issued a special parking permit for my Monster Truck.
  6. There ain’t no spittoons in Carolina’s classrooms.
  7. Low student to animal ratio.
  8. “Raise hell! Raise hell!”
  9. Help keep Chapel Hill beautiful.
  10. I got me a Billy Joe Bob Scholarship for the academically impaired.


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False Advertisement


They lied. I checked.


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Big Plastic Cups

I hate them. I have what some might call an irrational aversion to big plastic cups. All I had to do was see this .gif on OKP and Twitter today and I was set off on a big plastic cup rampage.

I know. I should be focusing on how ridiculously funny that chick (?? or not) looks. Trust me, I LOL’d appropriately. Still, my FIRST reaction was “ugh, I hate that cup!” When I was younger, we had a few of those cups at the crib. They were mainly blue or green but I think there was a purple one thrown in there somewhere. I bet my aunt bought ’em from K-Mart or the dollar store, her favorite places. All I know is I avoided drinking from them. Why this hate?

People mostly use those cups to drink juice or Kool-Aid. I don’t think any human being should be drinking that much juice in one sitting. That cup is so big that when the drinker pulls the cup away, he is left with a juice mustache a la the Got Milk campaign. People drink out of em and don’t sip, they gulp… loudly. They gulp and you can hear them breathing all hard into the cup. I know what it is, I associate that cup with fat people. My aunt is fat. My uncle is fat and they love those cups. Yup, that’s it. That’s a fat ass cup, yall. Continue reading


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