Big Plastic Cups

I hate them. I have what some might call an irrational aversion to big plastic cups. All I had to do was see this .gif on OKP and Twitter today and I was set off on a big plastic cup rampage.

I know. I should be focusing on how ridiculously funny that chick (?? or not) looks. Trust me, I LOL’d appropriately. Still, my FIRST reaction was “ugh, I hate that cup!” When I was younger, we had a few of those cups at the crib. They were mainly blue or green but I think there was a purple one thrown in there somewhere. I bet my aunt bought ’em from K-Mart or the dollar store, her favorite places. All I know is I avoided drinking from them. Why this hate?

People mostly use those cups to drink juice or Kool-Aid. I don’t think any human being should be drinking that much juice in one sitting. That cup is so big that when the drinker pulls the cup away, he is left with a juice mustache a la the Got Milk campaign. People drink out of em and don’t sip, they gulp… loudly. They gulp and you can hear them breathing all hard into the cup. I know what it is, I associate that cup with fat people. My aunt is fat. My uncle is fat and they love those cups. Yup, that’s it. That’s a fat ass cup, yall.

Another offending cup

Another offending cup

I really don’t think those cups are made for longevity either. They’d start to get stained from juice residue no matter how much you cleaned ’em. I even hated washing them out. Trust me, if people can dye their hair with Kool-Aid, a pourous plastic cup can become Tropical Punch Red or Great Grape Purple too.

I know how you feel, kid.

I generally dislike all huge cups. I remember once I was going to a talent show and my grandpa was dropping me off at the high school. Before we went, we stopped at Mickey D’s cuz I was hungry. My grandfather always does things to excess because he thinks you want him to so he super-sized that jawn. Well McDonald’s is the devil and this is when they increased the size of super-sized items without telling anyone. As if super-size wasn’t already big enough, right? Let me tell you, I don’t mind getting a few extra fries (they’re good!) but when that high school dropout passed what looked like a BUCKET of Sprite out of that window I nearly passed out. It was entirely TOO much soda. I mean, that thing couldn’t fit in the cup holder at all. “What am I supposed to do with this!?” I asked. My grandpa seemed annoyed so I shut up about it. As soon as I got to school, I gave that shit away. I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting down, holding that GALLON of soda and sipping it through a straw. I hate big cups.

FYI, my big plastic cup phobia does not apply to the red or blue plastic cups usually filled with beer and served at frat parties and cookouts.

These get a pass

These get a pass

Those are fine. Those may live. In my own apartment I mainly have glasses with one plastic cup that I think I recently threw away when I moved. The only reason that one lived is because it was from He’s Not Here in Chapel Hill, a complimentary gift from the Philly Carolina Alumni Assoc.

I’m weird, I know.


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14 responses to “Big Plastic Cups

  1. LOL! I love those cups! I guess because they remind me of a simpler time. Those Kool-Aid days of my youth when one of those big cups filled with sweetness was enough to drown out the bitterness of the world! Lol.

    And I think I love the red/blue cups because they take me back to carefree collegiate fun. Before people demanded I know what the hell I’m doing in life. Sigh…

  2. i must have stared at the .gif of the person drinking out of that cup for like 2 whole minutes and u know that’s ages in cyber time. is it a guy or a girl?!

    have u encountered any of those super big cups in japan? i know you definitely don’t have to worry about them in fast food restaurants.

    • LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

      Eb, you’re right. I never have to worry about that in JPN. They serve every beverage (except biru) in thimbles.

  3. jessj

    ooh i gotta say i love those cups too with a lotta ice so my drink is super cold. & i always use a straw lol no kool-aid mouth

  4. Solo cups always get a pass.

  5. shelly

    i also hate those cups. everytime i go home to my parents house and see them i want to trash them. they dont even use cups! who are they for!?

  6. Wow at that clip… the lips are bugging me. I don’t have any of those cups. But the ones I have closely related are from Dickie’s Bar-b-que. And since I love Dickies, I have a lot of those cups lol. Drink a lot of lemonade out of those cups, lol. (I’m sounding really country, lol *smh*)

  7. jj

    LOLOLOL!!! Oh my goodness…

  8. LOL! Fat people cups?!?! LMAO! But seriously, that picture is disturbing…take it down..please.

  9. That person kinda looks like Che Grand, yo.

    I got like 4 of those cups for when I’m working around the house. Can’t go risking the good glassware breaking.

    Mine are a little nicer than the ones pictured, though. LOL

  10. but her hair! i want to slap a perm, hot comb, lye SOMETHING on her hair…r u sure thats a girl?

  11. Why am I over here dying at that .gif? I don’ t too much care for the big plastic cups myself, but… they get the job done when you want to drink a lot of *something*

  12. missayana

    “im not gone be able to do it”

    my grandmother was/is adamant against any disposable or plasticware. i think i might just be allergic…….lol. always assumed that was for koolaid and we werent allowed to drink “liquid candy” either.

    speaking of boozgie my son had his first quarter water the other day (he’s 7) and couldnt figure out how to open it. the “proper” way is with your teeth, right?

    • LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

      Of course. EVERYONE should know how to open a quarter water/juicee: bite TWO holes on each side with your top front teeth. One for drinking, the other for ventilation so the juice flows freely!

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