I am not an observant person. I don’t think that I could ever sit with a police sketch artist and describe to them the perpetrator of a crime I had witnessed. I always thought it was because I wasn’t that good at describing people. Like, if asked, I couldn’t tell you a bank robber was __ tall or weighed __ lbs. When friends ask me what someone else looks like I say something like, “she’s short and light-skinned. short hair.” that’s as far as I can go without any distinguishing feature like a goiter or unibrow. Now I know it’s not just because I can’t describe anyone. It’s because I’m not paying close enough attention.

I was just alerted via Twitter that Drake is Jimmy from Degrassi: The New Generation. What the fuck?



Let me back up for those who don’t know what most of America (and Canada) apparently does. So Drake is this dude who rippity raps or whatever and recently dropped his third mixtape that’s all over every music blog, So Far Gone. I remember seeing his previous jawn and thinking that the dude on the cover looked familiar, but I didn’t give it much thought. I’m pretty late on the whole Drake as a musician thing anyway so I’m just now giving dude any real consideration.

Jimmy is the name of a character on Canada’s popular show DeGrassi. I, like many other well-adjusted adults, watch the show on



Nickelodeon’s “The N” network. Don’t judge, that show is mad drama fueled by teenage hormones. I love it. Jimmy is the star athelete derailed by a gunshot and relegated to a wheelchair. He’s alright as far as tv characters go, but I always thought the dude was corny.

Then today I find out that Drake, who talks pretty slick on SFG, is Jimmy. To make matters even more confusing, Jimmy is played by Aubrey Graham. So I didn’t make the instant connection until I found out his full name… Aubrey Drake Graham. Ahhhh. I dunno. Man, either that guy is a great actor or an even better hip hop artist. Either way, I need to pay closer attention.

Ah, it’s much better when they’re both sitting down.


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4 responses to “Drake/Jimmy

  1. SweetT

    Girl! Don’t feel bad. I had no idea either! I have been listening to “So Far Gone” for about 3 days straight now. My jaw DROPPED when I found out it was the kid from Degrassi! I LOVED that show! But he was a little corny on there. I know we’re supposed to retire the word “swag” in ’09, so I’ll say he definitely has an impressive way of carrying himself and his delivery is sick!

  2. I still have no clue who this person is. LOL.

  3. eliza doolittle

    say what now?

  4. you know what tho? i loved him on degrassi, and when i heard he had a song out i thought to self “oh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, another rapper”…

    then i heard “so far gone” and was impressed as fuck.

    jimmy, drake, and aubrey graham could get it.


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