The most gangsta rock paper scissors game

Now this didn’t come about in my travels although I would have loved to see this happen in person.

A little background on what’s happening. This is a game show featuring the stars of a famous Japanese comedy duo “Downtown”. The rules for this game go something like this: Each participant throws their chosen sign (paper scissors or rock), and the loser has to quickly grab a helmet and place it on his head before he is get smacked by the giant fan-like object (called a harisen) that is so often used to smack people over the head with in Japan. If they are able to get the helmet on before they get smacked, the game continues and they immediately do paper scissors rock again. The game ends when one person wins RPS and is able to smack the other on the head with the harisen before they get the helmet on.

And I thought I was serious about RPS!


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3 responses to “The most gangsta rock paper scissors game


  2. LOL He went at it with gusto!

  3. Gizzle

    He cocked that harisen back like a pimp hand!

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