Spring Break!

Hey all,

I’am currently in Thailand for my last spring break in a very long time (I won’t say ever, bc in this economy, I could probably go back to school. ugh). I’m in Bangkok now which is super stinky and mad sketchy but whatev. It has it’s own “character” I guess. Headed to Ko Samui then Ko Phan Gan, Krabi and Railay before stomping over Bangkok again.

Be Jealous!


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4 responses to “Spring Break!

  1. bubblin' brown shuga

    lol…….im in times square right now which is probably equally stinky and sketchy.

    im totally not jealous tho……….lol

    have fun, be safe and take as many pix of asians in asia as they take of us new yorkers in new york.

  2. I’m gonna need you and R to ride some elephants and take plenty of pics! :)

  3. ……..totally jealous! lol. have fun. :-)

  4. trE

    *is jealous* LOL… Have fun… And, share photos later.

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