Thailand Adventures, Pt. II

… continued from Part I 

Grounds of our resort, path to the beach

path to the shore!

So we get settled into our beachfront bungalows on Chaweng Beach in Ko Samui. First order of business, get changed into our swimsuits and head to the beach. So the four of us go out, lay out our towels, set up books, ipods, sunscreen, etc. I hang back to watch the stuff while the girls go out and get some waves. After a little while, I was ready to go in so I head out. Well by the time I get out to where two of my friends are, they’re talking about how strong the tide is. I can feel it too. We also notice how we’ve drifted off down shore away from our beach chairs and decide to swim back in that direction. All was good until I was suddenly pretty far away from them. Next thing I know, I can’t swim. It literally felt like I was trying to kick my legs through molasses. Nothing I was doing was really working. I

random yts and the waters that tried to take my soul!

random yts and the waters that tried to take my soul!

had taken in some water and it was SUPER salty. So salty that it burned my chest and made it impossible to take any subsequent deep breaths. Ok. So I’m out here in the ocean with no lifeguards, I can’t swim against the tide, I can’t take any significant breath, I even tried to relax and let the waves carry me back to shore but they only crashed over my head causing me to flounder and start over again. Damn. I was DROWNING! At that point, I called out to my girl L like, “you have to come get me!” She kind of paused and looked at me funny so I said it again, “No joke, come get me, I can’t!” Then another wave crashed. She was the closest person to me even though she wasn’t really close at all. Thankfully she was able to swim to me and I relaxed enough to let her drag me close enough to the beach so I could walk back in. I don’t think I can convey how fucking freaky it was to almost drown. FYI, I can swim. You can’t graduate from UNC without being able to pass a swim test so it’s verified. LOL. Those waters were just too much!

After that, nobody had any near-death experiences. We hung out on the island for a couple more days, doing the beach thing, eating delicious seafood dinners (fried snapper in chili sauce. do it), drinking Chang Beer and shopping.

March 18th, Koh Phangan: Back into a taxi and on a ferry to Koh Phangan for one night. We planned our trip so that we could be on Phangan in time for the Half-Moon Festival which is basically a big ass rave in the middle of the jungle in Thailand. They also have a larger Full-Moon

NOT the good side of Phangan

NOT the good side of Phangan

party on the beach but we missed that one. It was funny when we got to Phangan because we arrived early in the afternoon and weren’t going to meet up with our friends who booked a place there until later that night. We figured we’d just kick it on the beach until it was time to party. So we had a cab driver drop us off at our friends’ bungalow. Umm… how come when we got there it was pouring down raining? How come when we walked to the beach the tide was out so far and there were just a bunch of shells, ocean debris and sad looking fishing boats? No no no. We had to walk down to another hotel and asked them to call us a cab so we could get to the nicer beaches for swimming. Finally, a cabbie by the name of Meaow picked us up and took us to a sweet area. He became our cabbie for our entire time in phangan, since he gave me his number and always showed up when he was supposed to.

HalfMoon Party

HalfMoon Party

The Half-Moon party was alright. I can only take but so much techno/rave music and foreigners with glowsticks so I was over it pretty quickly. I guess I wasn’t drunk enough to deal. After crashing for like three hours at our friends’ bungalow, we caught an early morning ferry back to Samui. After one final day getting our shit together, we headed to the airport (Samui airport is beautiful, by the way) to fly over to Krabi on the other side of Thailand.
Okay, I think I’ll finish up in one more installment…

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  1. chickybaby

    okay i left like i was drowning too by reading that… good description

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