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Nine to One

Yep. I swiped this from Ms. Glennisha who got it from Bella. My family is driving me nuts already (it has been less than 4 days!) so this is what you get out of my boredom… If you do it on your blog, tag me!

9 Lasts
1. cigarette: About two or three weeks ago in Tokyo. No, I don’t smoke, but I was in this bar called Propaganda where they have cigarettes on the bar, gratis, like beer nuts or something. I grabbed one and lit it, pulled and remembered why I hated them. DISGUSTING! I just had to do it though cuz, you know, they were free.
2. beverage: Blue Kool-Aid. LOL, I’m at home!
3. kiss: I don’t kiss and tell…
4. hug: Cinco de Mayo
5. movie seen: Halloween, the remake. Michael Myers was fucking twisted.
6. CD played:CD? I had my iPizzle on shuffle last night.
7. song listened to: I think some Day 26 crap. Sue me.
8. bubble bath: New Year’s Eve. In that big ass hotel bathtub. With people coming in and out of the bathroom.
9. time you cried: Last week.

8 Have you evers
1. dated one of your best friends: Negativo
2. skinny dipped: Yes, back in college. SPRING BREAK!
3. kissed somebody and regretted it: Yes
4. fallen in love: So I thought
5. lost someone you loved: Yes
6. been depressed:Yes. For sure.
7. been drunk and threw up:Sheeeeit. Do you know me?
8. ran away: Nope.

7 States you’ve been to
New York, North Carolina, Florida, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma

6 Things you’ve done this week
1. Arrived in the United States
2.Ate my mom’s home cooking
3. Drank margaritas
4. Looked for work
5. Visited my grandpa
6. got into like three arguments

5 Favorite things in no order
1. Music
2. The internet
3. Salsa
4. Shopping
5. Dancing

4 People you last talked to
1. My Auntie
2. My Uncle
3. My mother
4. My Grandpa

3 Wishes
1. To be independent again
2. To accomplish my short-term goals
3. Deiminished reliance on foreign oil. lol

2 Things you want to be when you grow up
1. A dancer
2. A veterinarian

1 Thing you regret
1. Not becoming a dancer or veterinarian.


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Update 5/9

Grades are in and I didn’t do as poorly as I had thought possible. That’s pretty much always the case, but I guess it’s best sometimes to expect the worst so that you’re pleasantly surprised in the end. That International Dispute Resolution exam was the one I worried about the most and I ended up getting a B! That’s pretty amazing considering that I had lost all my  notes prior to the exam, I had the time wrong and ended up with 30 min less than everyone else to take the test and I never got around to finishing or fixing the first answer that I knew had mistakes in it. The only explanation for my grade is that everyone else in the class did a pretty lackluster job on the test, fixing the curve in my favor. Thanks guys!!

So what am I doing now? As I said last entry, I’m back in the USA. For the past week I’ve been hopping around 3 cities staying wherever while I try and land a job. I have a hard time understanding how people are content with having nothing to do all day (unless they live in paradise). Now that I have no classes to wake up for and no job to run out to and no money to spend on anything I’m pretty much just reading and job searching and sleeping… a lot. It’s borderline trifling because I’m all out of my “i’m jetlagged” excuses. I know, this is so not bourgie but trust, I can remain pretty bourg in my poverty and desolation. LOL.

I’m kind of excited tomorrow though because my mom is coming over and cooking. I will put my mom’s cooking up against any of yall’s. Seeing as I haven’t had her cooking in ages, I’m pretty hype. I’m not even gonna be shy. I’m gonna have multiple helpings. It’s pretty good that I don’t visit home that much, or else I’d probably be fat. I’m not really sure how long I’ll be here. My family tends to grate on my nerves pretty easily. To be honest, I’m considering going back to Japan and taking the NY bar over there in the winter. Tickets aren’t so bad right now but I’d still have to tap dance with bottle caps stuck into my chucks to raise the funds :/

That’s it for now. I’ll just catch up on television I missed out on while in TKY.

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