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Yep, still here.

Hey sweeties! I’m still alive, although it doesn’t always feel like it. Still playing the waiting game… waiting to pin down what I’m going to be doing with my life. Who knows. I graduate on Thursday, so that should be fun after I knock out all the stress of getting to the ceremony. In the meantime I’ve been checking in on my family, going to the movies and catching up on season one of True Blood. Yo, WHY did they have to kill off Lafayette? I loved him! All set for season two now, though. Can we talk about the Grey’s Anatomy finale too? Shonda Rhimes and co were trying to take me through changes with George being all jacked up (to the point he was unrecognizable), Christina finally breaking down and saying she loved homeboy, Izzy nearly dying! WTF?! I’m glad they got their shit together and didn’t go down the drain like Heroes did.

What else is new? Well on my trip home I learned that I’m probably destined to have my uterus removed. Yep. See my mom had a hysterectomy (partial) last month. Her older sister had one some years ago. Her mom (my grandmom) had one too. This is all before they were 50 years old. I have another aunt in the pipeline so we’ll see if she can hold onto her plumbing but it’s not looking good. Borderline TMI (but we’ve gone there before, right), the women in my family have always had issues with really bad/painful periods and fibroids and shit like that. If you know anything about fibroids, they’re more common in women of color so the fact that I’m Black and my womenfolk have experienced them means I’m pretty likely to follow suit. There’s also the fear of cancer which was why my mom had hers cut out. What does all of this mean? I’m 27. I’m thinking that I need to get on the road to having some kids before I need to get my uterus snatched. All the more reason to get my shit together, right?

Finally, in news unrelated to my reproductive system, if you haven’t already done so, you need to listen to & purchase Tanya Morgan’s Brooklynati! I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Available in stores, on iTunes, or go to Myspace and take a listen for yourself. The concept is pretty cool with the three emcees from Brooklyn and Cincinnati (duh, Brooklynati!) bringing you hip hop you canNOT be mad at. If you wanna get better acquainted with Brooklynati, hit up the city’s site: http://www.brooklynati.com/home.html.


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