Throwback tune

Yesterday, I was at a Memorial Day BBQ with my girls from way back. After stuffing ourselves, playing some Taboo and several drinks, we sat back and listened to some 90s music. In honor of all the fun I had yesterday and reminiscing about the grown-ass songs we had no business singing as teens, here’s an oldie but goodie.


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2 responses to “Throwback tune

  1. Gizzle

    Make it stop! I couldn’t even press play once I saw which video it was. I was like a preteen jamming to this on the low. The first CD I ever bought was Kilo Ali “Get This Kilo Parted Started”. You know, with the song “Nasty Dancer” which was my jam for like 2 years (I’m straight up ATLien). Ridiculousness.

    I clearly need to go to bed.

  2. One of my female best friends LOVES this song. She has Adina’s first CD and all. This was her jam! LOL…

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