On Run’s House – Jojo gets busted ep

It was out in the media a minute ago that Reverend Run’s son Jojo got arrested for marijuana possession. Many folks wondered if they would go there on air. Surprise, they did. I always thought Run’s House was a cool ass show because the family seemed pretty real as far as celebrities go. This just adds to it all, handling mistakes in the media right on the show. Thumbs up yall.

One thing that stood out was that when Run was expressing his disappointment in Jojo to his brother Russell, Russ was on that, “you can’t tell Jojo shit because you used to smoke MAD weed when you was his age” bullshit. To quote Russell, Run used to “smoke like a chimney.” Okay, okay nigga. You’ve got to be kidding me. Is this Mr. Hip Hop Accountability? Mr. Rush Philanthropic? Mr. Community Empowerment? Mr. Yoga? Fuck outta here. I’m telling you all, I’ve done (and am sure to do) some dumb shit in my life. As a teenager I did wonderfully in school and I was involved in stuff like student government, sports and community service. However, I did a LOT of dirt. A LOT. There is no way I want my kids to do what I did, nor will I let that behavior slide just because I did it once upon a time. Aren’t we supposed to want more for our children? They say that hindsight is 20/20 and that wisdom comes with age. If that’s true, why would we look to our youth for parenting strategies? Yeah, that “do as I say, not as I do” line sounds like a bunch of garbage when you’re on the receiving end but it sounds kind of good to someone who learned from their mistakes. While looking to his past drug use might help him understand what’s going on with his son better, I don’t think it should give Jojo a get out of jail free card (really, no pun intended).

Another issue that comes up is the fact that it’s weed. Most people say it’s JUST weed and not a big deal at all. I’m on both sides of the fence on that. On the one hand, I think weed is exponentially more harmless than “they” say it is. I have smoked and on occasion still do. While I don’t advocate constant usage (folks who smoke all day erryday are just extra), I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with smoking weed… besides it being illegal. Now, that’s a whole other blog but let’s just say while I would support legislation to legalize marijuana, that shit is illegal today. Therefore, you can’t get mad if you get busted for carrying some illegal shit, no matter how much YOU feel the law is bogus.

As a compromise between Run’s view and Russell’s view, maybe you can tell a kid like Jojo that although weed isn’t super bad in and of itself, it’s against the law and we don’t break the law in this house. We want you to be a better person, which is why we’ve worked hard to provide you with all of this (a house, car, a studio to record your wack music). That would have been a good message, in my opinion.

Oh, shout out to Vanessa and Angela for (as far as I know) keeping their noses clean when it comes to stuff like that. No Lohan/Hilton BS for the Simmons girls. *crosses fingers*

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  1. trE

    I was just thinking of how his children are not in the media for anything off the wall or considered against the law about a few weeks ago, and reading this just dampened my soul just a bit. But, I agree with you, the fact that they didn’t shy away from the incident and included on one of the eps shows that they are interested in continuing the betterment of their children. And honestly, Russell always sounds a little out of the park to me on all issues that occur on that show.

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