Ciara – Work

Ciara’s been busting her ass trying to stay relevant and I appreciate her grind. Apparently her new album, Fantasy Ride, hasn’t done as well as anticipated. I must admit that I was feeling several  joints off of her last effort, Ciara: The Evolution, but I’m sort of uninspired this time around (honorable mention to Love Sex Magic and Never Ever). Still, I love this girl’s style and I want her to win. Check her new vid for Work, featuring Missy Elliot (where she been?).

Bitch, hold my ponytail (c) B.Scott

Some thoughts:

1. I hate to agree with the folks out there but I’m inclined to believe that Ciara has indeed pulled a swagger jacking on Ms. Beyonce. Not to say that one person owns a style or that another cannot be inspired by some hot shit, but the transition was too fast. One minute Ciara was rockin that Aaliyah-type steeze (sexy, innocent, long hair, slim, young, belly-bare, baggy pants, etc). Next she’s all Ciara-Fierce, becoming a superhero with a magic ponytail and rocking bodysuits with no pants! Do you girl, but damn…

2. Oh, the Kids are going to love this one aren’t they? Who loves to “work” more than a gay man on a Friday night? I mean, Ciara even employed a classic kid move at 2:00 in.

3. This bitch makes me wanna stop eating. How many days must I live on Tic-Tacs and H2O to properly work that cyan latex/vinyl number??

4. I want Ciara to do some Spectacular-style shit and challenge some heifers to a dance off. I know she’ll come on top. I can’t think of one R&B/Pop chick who can out-dance her right now. Who wan romp? CHALLENGE!


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7 responses to “Ciara – Work

  1. I really didn’t understand much of what I just watched.
    Is this what passes for sexy nowadays?

    • haha. not sexy at all huh?
      I had someone tell me last night that it looked like Mad Max at Thunderdome. LOL
      Personally, I was concerned about the lack of hard hats at the construction site. SAFETY FIRST, CIARA!

      • Maybe the media has oversexed me to the point where I’m numb to it, but as it stands, that does nothing for me.

        Also, I’m also worried about the lack of safety equipment.
        Sparks bouncing off of bare flesh hurts likes a mofo…
        All that sand flying around out there can chafe…
        And as you brought up earlier, ZERO hard hats.

        I think OSHA would like to have a few words with Ciara.
        Missy is okay cause she was fully covered in her deflated Hefty bag suit from 1997.

  2. Steph

    that song is gay. like yeah i can hear it in a gay club, but that’s about it

  3. canwepleasestopandreflect

    LMAO @ the OSHA comments! Ah, law school, what have you done to us?

  4. ebonifire

    I enjoyed the video and the dancing especially the part starting at 2:19! What that must do her those ab muscles. If I didn’t have this bad knee…

    Although Ciara does an extra amount of ass shaking, the chick can really dance. When I see her I’m not disgusted (like I am watching most videos) thinking somebody’s stripper cousin Candy finally made it out of Magic City. She is styled very edgy and the bright colors make the dusty construction scene melt away…its a great combination of hard and soft. Loved it.

  5. jessj

    Ciara is my total girl-crush and yeah the song is mad House (which is why it was the European release “Like a Surgeon” was for US) anyway dancing is fierce…Tyra said steal from the best and make it your own so uhh I think thats what CiCi did b/c I love Beyonce but she can move like that…

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