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RHoATL, S2E1: The biddies are back!

Real Housewives of ATL Logo BannerBravo stays serving up some reality goodness and I’m eating it up. The network had the good sense to bring back the popular guilty pleasure Real Housewives of Atlanta for a second season. This time around though, producers ditched NBA wife DeShawn Snow because, well, she was boring as hell. Maybe that’s a credit to DeShawn because boring on this show means no drama, no secret sugar daddies or imaginary fashion lines. S2E1 brings us former Xscape standout, singer, songwriter Kandi Burruss. Not content to let Tiny (Tiny & Toya) get all the reality shine, Kandi has already been kicking up dust before the season premier due to alleged beef with RHoATL vet and fan fave Nene. So okay, on to the season premier!

Yes! Dwight showed up within the first 5 minutes! This season is awesome already! He came by Nene’s new crib (next to Lisa’s home) and hated on her drapes, fake plants and karaoke machine. Why is Dwight so damn sexual though? He spent last season talking about his “tool box” and how he has sex 3x a day. Now, while showing Nene how to pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne, he gets lewd… “Ease it off and let it come naturally. Put your hand on top and feel it. Come on Nene… Try it. Ooh it’s coming… Did you enjoy that?” Ooh boy, you so bad!

I just have to say I need to know who casts these shows and what did Big Papa pay them to let his sidepiece Kim get put on? I KNOW there are hotter white women in ATL. Kim figured she’d go to what looked like the local senior citizen’s center to speak to a psychic. Why homegirl needed a palm reader to tell her that Big Papa ain’t about shit is beyond me. Despite being called out repeatedly on the Season 1 reunion for her tacky wig, Kim is still rocking those Barbie locks 6 inches away from her real hairline! The nerve of some people! Continue reading


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a thought on Tiny & TIP

After dropping T.I. off at the prison, Tiny lays out in the towncar

While watching BET’s Tiny & Toya, I thought to myself, “geez, I hope we don’t spend the rest of the season listening to Tiny whine about T.I. being in jail.” Shortly after having that thought, I started to think about it outside of a reality show context. To me it’s just another “storyline” in a television show I watch occasionally. To her, the head of their family and the love of her life is gone for a year and a day. While she’s trying to maintain a normal life down in Atlanta, GA, T.I. is on ice up in Forest Hills, Arkansas. Normal life might be a bit of a stretch. She’s in front of the cameras on her own reality show. She’s dealing with a father who is steadily losing it due to Alzheimer’s Disease. She’s struggling with resurrecting a singing career. Those things alone would be enough to stress out any one of us. Tiny, though, is shouldering a burden that many women of color carry at some point in their lives… losing a man to prison/jail. Continue reading


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Making His Band ep01: Diddy be strokin’

… his ego, that is. Nobody loves Sean Combs more than Sean Combs, but you already knew that. I guess he wasn’t sure we knew that because he spent the first 10 minutes of his new reality show Making His Band talking about himself and his rise to musicianship or whatever. I guess Diddy said screw trying to make a band with chicks (Danity Kane), dudes (Day 26) or rappers (Da Band). He’s putting together a team of singers, drummers, guitarists, bassists and keyboardists to back him on his next project, “Last Train to Paris”. While some may scoff at Diddy trying to step grow musically (really?), he might be onto something. Afterall, he is Bad Boy’s top artist and highest priority.Along for the ride are judges Laurie Ann Gibson (why?), Om’Mas Keith (producer/lyricist), Rob Lewis (songwriter), Nisan Stewart (musical director), and Romeo (vocal coach).

So the Didster has a team looking for a “certain butter”, the kind of band that can carry the show without him. The first episode is always a massive weeding out process where they feature a few hopefuls, get the audience attached, then brings down the axe on some of your faves. We’ll see what happens with these guys…

  • The violin player, Lee, is hot. I get the feeling they won’t know what to do with him because a violinist wasn’t in their original concept of the band. It sounds great in the mix though.
  • White keyboardist Brockett was given props but told to “put it in context.” Hip Hop isn’t his first genre or what he trained in, but I think he is amazing.
  • Kristoffer, the big dude drummer. Is. Not. Playing.
  • Jamareo, on bass, is so sweet. I want him to make it. He’s my pick for the final band!
  • Couple of the white guys, were pretty sick on the guitar. Blake looks like he knows it too. Uh oh, that won’t be good. After talking about himself, Diddy’s next favorite thing is breaking down anyone who thinks they can come close to his orbit. The other dude Alex up and said his amp was tired when criticized. Diddy’s #3 fave thing… torturing people who make excuses.
  • In the beginning I was all “I’m pretty sure the big girl singer is a man. Thank goodness it was verified that Jaila was born Michael. It would have surely driven me crazy for episodes to come. Homegirl’s voice DEEP den a mugg! That’s a throwback to LaVerne on I Wanna Work for Diddy, except LV was much more fabtastic!
  • Oh damn Dina, they basically said you hit (the drums) like a girl. What?! Haven’t they heard of Sheila E? Joy got up right after her and crushed the drums. Score one for the ladies.

Those folks (except Dina), and several other musicians made it into the house. Let the madness that is Diddy + MTV ensue! Continue reading


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See & Say

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words but I feel like a picture of just a few words can say as much or more. That’s why back in my Philly apartment, I framed some passages, phrases, quotes, etc that resonated with me in one way or another. I’m also obsessed with those WallWords where you can get a stock quote or create your own and apply it to your wall like a big sticker. I’d rather the words be the picture.

That’s why I love browsing the I Can Read blog. They post up images with words/images made of words. Inspirational, sad, romantic, whatever. I can’t pick a favorite, but I can share some I like a lot.

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Leave ME at the altar? Nah, buddy.

Girl, let me be your manager, er, lawyer!

Leave me at the altar and I’m not going to kill you (á la the recent, so-called “angry women killers” in the Gatti and McNair cases). No, I’m going to get you where it really hurts. I’m going to sue your ass (or at least try to).

So by now maybe you’ve heard of how San Antonio Spurs player Richard Jefferson (formerly of the NJ Nets) notified his bride-to-be 2 HOURS before their wedding that he wasn’t coming. Although the wedding party made the best out of a bad situation, they partied and charged up his Black African American Express Card, I’m sure fiancée Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols was not a happy camper. Being the litigious recent law graduate that I am, I read this story and immediately thought about how I would find some remedy in the courts for this. It’s just not right. When I took a course called economics of divorce, we talked about whether a person could claim for a broken engagement but didn’t get around to being left at the altar. While in most places you cannot sue for a broken engagement, I think taking the “promise to marry” up to the point where all of HIS friends and family are waiting at the wedding location takes the agreement to an almost finalized place. Here are the three ways I would try and go Judge Mathis on his ass: Continue reading


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Put on your red dress, and slip on your high heels…*

I feel as though I need to begin with a disclaimer of sorts. I am not perfect. Sometimes I hold opposing ideas and views in my mind at the same time, perhaps prompting some to call me a hypocrite. I prefer to quote Walt Whitman, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” Whatever you call it, it’s what makes me condemn misogyny & violence yet sweat it out to raunchy hip hop music. It’s what makes me speak of feminism and support positive images of women while thinking I like my flight attendants svelte and pretty. Huh? Yeah…

In 2005, Delta Airlines decided to go upscale and hire designer Richard Tyler to create a signature piece to add to their flight attendant [FA] uniform choices. Now, in addition to the slacks, blouses, skirts and blue dresses, female FAs can don a fierce red dress that almost looks too fab for the aisles of a 747. The dress makes a bit more sense when you hear the inspiration behind the design was a time when air travel was a classy affair, not a tiring inconvenience that we show up for in our pajama pants & hoodies (I see yall).

Not everyone was pleased with the new, attention-grabbing red dresses. Recently, the Association of Flight Attendants at Northwest (which includes Delta employees after the merger) filed a compkaint requesting that the red dress be made available in sizes larger than the current max, which is 18, up to a size 28. According to Patricia Reller, vice chairwoman of the grievance committee, “Red is a color that attracts attention and someone, somewhere has made a decision that they don’t want to attract attention to someone in a dress that’s larger than a size 18 … I’m very offended by it.” Reller and crew also have beef with the requirement that FAs who want to wear orthopedic shoes aren’t allowed to wear the skirt or dress uniform of any kind but must wear pants.

Here’s where my opposing thoughts come in. In defense of Reller and the union, the airline is improperly making a judgment call on what’s attractive and/or appropriate without regard to what it actually takes to perform the job. Under the law, there’s the term “bonafide occupational qualification” or BFOQ. A BFOQ basically refers to an employer’s right to discriminate if the criteria upon which the discrimination is based is directly related to the performance of the job. For instance, airlines may institute height requirements for the comfort and safety of the cabin crew and passengers. FAs must be able to reach certain above-head compartments or function appropriately in a small, low-clearance cabin. A size 28 woman in a red dress, however, is no different from a size 28 woman in a blue dress when it comes to pouring Sprite and demonstrating how a seatbelt works.

Could this be another message from society that only “beautiful” women should be seen (and by beautiful we mean size 18 or less)? Is Delta saying that women in skirts/dresses belong in heels because we want to see those shapely calves? God forbid that they’d rather be comfortable on a 6 hour flight and skip the pu Continue reading

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I’ve told folks before that I was on a game show, Greed, which came on Fox back in 2000. I was on the “College Rivalry” series of episodes. Altough I didn’t win anything, I had a great time. It was fun going through the process to get cast on the show. As a college freshman, it was cool to get flown out to Cali, get paid a per diem, be on national television, and meet other college students from around the country. I’m still salty about the loss and even more salty about the reruns on the Game Show Network (I looked so jacked!). Anyway, people always ask about the questions we were asked. Well, here’s how it went down:

ACC Team:  $2,000,000 Jackpot Contestants:
Katherine Thompson – University of Virginia
Tim Whitwer – North Carolina State University
Nakia – University of North Carolina
Adrian McDaniel – Wake Forest University
Ken Shopfer – Duke University
Kelly Trikini – Georgia Tech University

Qualifying Question: What percent of Americans believe that God performs miracles, according to a Newsweek poll?  Answer: 84.

Tim 66 3rd
Nakia 85 1st **CAPTAIN**
Adrian 80 2nd
Ken 45 4th (on time)
Kelly 45 5th (on time)

Kelly is breaking a record by appearing on Greed…she hasn’t missed a class…until now!

For $25,000 – Which is found on both a violin and an exotic dancer?
Is it…A-, C-, D-, or G- strings?
Kelly says she doesn’t know much about either, but says she knows it’s G-strings, Nakia accepts it, saying one of her friends wants to be an exotic dancer, and they’re right for $25,000!

Ken is a Cameron Crazy!  That means he gets into the Cameron Indoor Stadium for games – not an easy thing to do.

For $50,000 – Which does NOT appear in the title of the 1999 South Park Movie?
Is it…Longer, Grosser, Bigger, or Uncut?
Ken loves the movie, and says Grosser, Nakia accepts it, and they’re right for $50,000!

Tim lost his shorts in a rugby game.  (Ouch.)

For $75,000 – Which is greatest in number?
Is it…Wonders of the World, Leo DiCaprio’s age, Donuts in a baker’s dozen, Consonants in the English alphabet, or Minimum age to see an R-rated movie?
Tim really doesn’t know, but guesses Consonants in the English alphabet, Nakia accepts it, but says she doesn’t want to, and…she shouldn’t have.  They’re WRONG.

Here’s a peek at the actual show except I’m not on this clip, I watched this group from backstage

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Saving Our Sons – Common’s/Talib’s/Mos’ moms speak

Passing along this event for the NY’ers.


Saving Our Sons

Presented by the Eagle Academy for Young Men & the Urban Assembly Academy of History & Citizenship for Young Men

Saturday, July 11, 2009

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Eagle Academy for Young Men
244 East 163rd Street (between Sherman and Grant Avenues)

Bronx, New York

Free! No reservations required.

Don’t miss Saving Our Sons! This free community event is open to everyone who is concerned about the educational crisis facing young men of color and wants to make a difference! Learn strategies for helping our young men achieve academic, professional, and social success. This event is for EVERYONE – parents, grandparents, educators, mentors and concerned citizens because real change can only happen when an entire community is informed and engaged.

Savings Our Sons will include a presentation of Raising Him Alone – a panel discussion featuring prominent women who have successfully raised their sons alone. Their sons are now internationally known celebrities. Participants on this panel include Dr. Mahalia A. Hines (mother of rapper and actor Common), Dr. Brenda Greene (mother of rapper and activist Talib Kweli) and Sheron Smith (mother of Grammy nominated actor and rapper Mos Def). Saving our Sons will be moderated by MESHELLE: The Indie-Mom of Comedy (as seen on Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3).

Plus Workshops, Celebrity Guests, Prizes and More!

For additional information, call 212-777-7070. Free event! No reservations required.

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blame it on the a a a a a alcohol

Aboriginal communities in Australia are facing a dilemma: preserve hard-won freedoms or cede some control to their former oppressors? At the center of this tug-of-war is the consumption and possible prohibition of alcohol in Aboriginal communities. According to a recent New York Times article, alcoholism is a major issue for the native population resulting in problems like domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, health problems, increased crime and accidents.

After a long history of subjugation and oppression by the colonial whites who moved in on Australian territory long ago, Aborigines became equal under the law in 1967. Since then, Aborigines have had equal access to rights ranging from State-sponsored welfare payments to the right to legally purchase and consume alcohol. Once the prohibition on drinking was lifted, it seems as if a number of Aborigines took too kindly to the bottle to the detriment of their communities.

Take Hall’s Creek in northern Australia for example, “about half of the town’s population has alcohol-related problems, including 300 to 600 people with serious health issues like brain damage, said David Shepherd, a senior doctor at Halls Creek Hospital. Young women born with fetal alcohol syndrome are giving birth to babies with the same illness.” Concerned about issues such as child welfare and the proper use of government funds, Australian officials have begun regulating alcohol sale/purchase in some areas. Additionally, the government is keeping a close eye on how welfare funds are spent, going so far as to “have 70 percent of [Aboriginies’] benefits restricted to paying for essentials like food, rent and utilities, a strategy intended to reduce their purchase of alcohol.” Continue reading

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Still beating up on BET – TWiB

I’m a lil late on posting this but I’ve been busy hating my life. Anywhoo, let’s listen to another Elon James White rant via This Week in Blackness. For this ep, homie goes in on the BET Awards and cops to a Twitter addiction:

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