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I’ve told folks before that I was on a game show, Greed, which came on Fox back in 2000. I was on the “College Rivalry” series of episodes. Altough I didn’t win anything, I had a great time. It was fun going through the process to get cast on the show. As a college freshman, it was cool to get flown out to Cali, get paid a per diem, be on national television, and meet other college students from around the country. I’m still salty about the loss and even more salty about the reruns on the Game Show Network (I looked so jacked!). Anyway, people always ask about the questions we were asked. Well, here’s how it went down:

ACC Team:  $2,000,000 Jackpot Contestants:
Katherine Thompson – University of Virginia
Tim Whitwer – North Carolina State University
Nakia – University of North Carolina
Adrian McDaniel – Wake Forest University
Ken Shopfer – Duke University
Kelly Trikini – Georgia Tech University

Qualifying Question: What percent of Americans believe that God performs miracles, according to a Newsweek poll?  Answer: 84.

Tim 66 3rd
Nakia 85 1st **CAPTAIN**
Adrian 80 2nd
Ken 45 4th (on time)
Kelly 45 5th (on time)

Kelly is breaking a record by appearing on Greed…she hasn’t missed a class…until now!

For $25,000 – Which is found on both a violin and an exotic dancer?
Is it…A-, C-, D-, or G- strings?
Kelly says she doesn’t know much about either, but says she knows it’s G-strings, Nakia accepts it, saying one of her friends wants to be an exotic dancer, and they’re right for $25,000!

Ken is a Cameron Crazy!  That means he gets into the Cameron Indoor Stadium for games – not an easy thing to do.

For $50,000 – Which does NOT appear in the title of the 1999 South Park Movie?
Is it…Longer, Grosser, Bigger, or Uncut?
Ken loves the movie, and says Grosser, Nakia accepts it, and they’re right for $50,000!

Tim lost his shorts in a rugby game.  (Ouch.)

For $75,000 – Which is greatest in number?
Is it…Wonders of the World, Leo DiCaprio’s age, Donuts in a baker’s dozen, Consonants in the English alphabet, or Minimum age to see an R-rated movie?
Tim really doesn’t know, but guesses Consonants in the English alphabet, Nakia accepts it, but says she doesn’t want to, and…she shouldn’t have.  They’re WRONG.

Here’s a peek at the actual show except I’m not on this clip, I watched this group from backstage

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