Making His Band ep02: Fundamentals

Last week’s premier was the massive weeding out of less than stellar talent and our first intro to the musicians who made it into the house. This week, we get a closer look and more Didtastic shenanigans, of course.

The house is not a home. It’s a freaking mansion. That place is huge and fits 30 people, son! Amenities include a pool worthy of ___ and a mini theather with stadium seating.

Lynnette and Brockett (who violated by wearing sunglasses indoors) have a connection to Berklee and a formal music education. Most of the cats in the house seem self-taught though so it’ll be interesting to see how education or lack thereof impacts their sound. The judges apparently feel that music education is important at some level because they stressed technique on the first challenge. FUNDAMENTALS is the name of the game. Brockett made a pretty good analogy likening everyone to new NBA players who gotta go back to basics and shoot free throw drills. Although, I must say that the slam dunk v. free throw comment reminded me of the racist assumption that Black players have natural skill and athleticism whereas white players work hard and dedicate themselves to training. I’m not saying Brockett is racist at all, by the way. I’m just saying.

Anyway, back to the show. I just want yall to know that Sean Combs is smart as hell. I have watched all of the MTB seasons (except the last one) and I can tell you thatthe songs that you hear on the show stick in your head, kind of subconsciously, until the album comes out. That’s why Danity Kane and Day 26 both have platinum albums out of nowhere. The shows’ viewers were already consumers before the season finale! We got a peek of Dawn Richardson (formerly of Danity Kane) back in the booth for the project along with Kaleena, a songwriter, vocalist. Along with Diddy, the three form “Dirty Money.” Sounded alright to me. I might actually be looking forward to Last Train to Paris!

So with the challenge, Kristopher struggles with reading music and holding down the basics. I definitely envy and respect those who can play music by ear, but as a person who does know how to read music (3 types of clarinets, son!), I know it’s an important skill to have.

Even Diddaroni is hitting up the fundamentals by taking vocal lessons. Not content with his previous forays into song (Playa Haters, Last Night), he hooked up with a vocal coach to smooth out the rough edges. I hope that coach has an industrial sander. You know what though… props to Diddy’O for embarrassing himself like that on TV.

Finally got some drama here. Mike hatin’ on “church musicians” who are all flair and no skill. Salty because he’s a drum player at heart but in the house to play keyboard, Mike went in on Kristopher. Personally, I think he’s threatened and pissed because he’d rather play drums. It’s childish though. Just let your skill speak for itself and let the next man do the same.

The contestants all had three days to prepare for the first challenge. To the ear it all sounds like some preschool shit… like the scales we did to warm up before brand practice. I bet it’s still pretty hard to grasp for folks who have no experience. A few folks just broke the challenge DOWN (Blake, Lynnette, Brockett, Lee, Jamareo… all early faves). Others, eh not so much. After beefin’ with Kristopher, Mike didn’t even show out on the keys! He should’ve practiced instead of trying to throw big boy off his game. Who’s out? Yep… Big Kris is dunzo but Mike got a chance to switch to drums.

Worst part about this episode… no vocalists aka no Jaila! WTF Didderonics? Tres disappointed.

Most Important Lesson Learned This Episode: Even moguls are vulnerable. “This may come as a shock to many of yall… I don’t feel like I know everything.” – Sean Combs


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3 responses to “Making His Band ep02: Fundamentals

  1. joelzjam

    I believe that Lynette and Brockett were referring to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
    It’s one of the top music schools in the country, and boasts an incredible alumni of successful musicians, recording artists, & producers.

  2. Lil Soul

    My favs were Lynette, Brockett, Jamareo of course, Blake, and Lee too…They killed it like it was nothing.

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