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RHoATL, S2E2: scared? say you scared.

YES! Back again after all of that dreadful drama last week! Did you know the season premier of RHoATL attracted over four million viewers? This is America’s guilty pleasure for sure.

In the spirit of working it all out, Nene wanted to get together with Sheree and Lisa to talk with Kim. While I think it’s good to talk it out, she wants to see who said what. Honestly, that’s some kid shit for real.

Is EVERY man in Atlanta gay? I have not seen these women with one straight male gay friend. Of course Dwight is the G.O.A.T. Kim has her very one gayboyfriend, Dean Pardue (aka White Chocolate) who is also a stylist. (Is any gay man in Atlanta NOT a stylist?) Yo, all I could think of when Kim was trying on her “custom made fashions” was what is wrong with her boobs? Listen, you can’t pretend to be fabulous with a botched boob job and a tacky blonde wig. You just can’t. Question of the episode #1: Why does Kim Zolciak need an assistant? That heifer is on that Tommy ish… she ain’t got no job!

Blog fam, can we be real? Do you really think Sheree needs a gun to protect herself? She’s not living in the SWAT ya know. She’s living in most people’s dream. That gun isn’t for protection. That piece is so her ex knows he better not let THIS house get foreclosed upon or it’s going to be some drama. WHO GON’ CHECK ME BOO? On a related note, kudos to sidekick Tania for really knowing her gun/military stuff. Continue reading

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