RHoATL, S2E2: scared? say you scared.

YES! Back again after all of that dreadful drama last week! Did you know the season premier of RHoATL attracted over four million viewers? This is America’s guilty pleasure for sure.

In the spirit of working it all out, Nene wanted to get together with Sheree and Lisa to talk with Kim. While I think it’s good to talk it out, she wants to see who said what. Honestly, that’s some kid shit for real.

Is EVERY man in Atlanta gay? I have not seen these women with one straight male gay friend. Of course Dwight is the G.O.A.T. Kim has her very one gayboyfriend, Dean Pardue (aka White Chocolate) who is also a stylist. (Is any gay man in Atlanta NOT a stylist?) Yo, all I could think of when Kim was trying on her “custom made fashions” was what is wrong with her boobs? Listen, you can’t pretend to be fabulous with a botched boob job and a tacky blonde wig. You just can’t. Question of the episode #1: Why does Kim Zolciak need an assistant? That heifer is on that Tommy ish… she ain’t got no job!

Blog fam, can we be real? Do you really think Sheree needs a gun to protect herself? She’s not living in the SWAT ya know. She’s living in most people’s dream. That gun isn’t for protection. That piece is so her ex knows he better not let THIS house get foreclosed upon or it’s going to be some drama. WHO GON’ CHECK ME BOO? On a related note, kudos to sidekick Tania for really knowing her gun/military stuff.

Safety First!

FYI, Kim isn’t doing anything for the advancement of white women in the world. She’s super intimidated all the time. Last week she left Niecy Nash’s event because she saw Lisa roll up. Before meeting Nene for a drink she was worried Nene would do something to her (which, according to news reports Nene DID do something to her). After getting reassurance that Lisa won’t show up to the meeting with them and Sheree, Nene and Kim get all buddy buddy over more margaritas. Next meeting, she brought a HELMET in case somebody set up to whoop her ass. If you scared, go to church.

Anyone with eyes can see that this whole friendship/relationship is so fake I can’t take any of the players seriously. They’re all talking behind each other’s backs and they’re all lying.This so-called “conversation” turned into an embarrassing shouting match in the restaurant. We start out with drinks and end up with “trailer trash”? Dear world: all women (particularly Black women) are not this petty and conniving.

Question of the episode #2: Why is Kandi trying so hard to refute the blog chatter? What kind of REAL celebrity even addresses stuff that’s said in blogs? This is coming from me, a blogger, obviously. She felt the need to comment on who bought her engagement ring (under the guise of talking to her mom). She addressed the issue of him being a deadbeat dad, his jobs, their quick courtship. Damn girl, just live. Oh, and while she’s at it, Kandi should just be real. Don’t say you’re getting married for your daughter when last week, Riley clearly said that she doesn’t want all those kids up in her house. Six new brothers/sisters is a huge change in anyone’s life. Riley does not care, trust. Kandi’s mom, on the other hand feels VERY strongly about the situation and she said so. Looking after her daughter’s interest, Momma Kandi understandably was saying Kandi needs to think about those 3 girls she barely knows about and the 4 mothers of those 6 children. Or in other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

All of that dinner and flowers stuff was really nice but Lisa and Ed need to get on the same page about this baby situation. Ed wants a kid, perhaps to remind himself that he’s still young and strong and capable… issues that might have come into question with recently being let go from the Raiders before even getting started. Lisa wants to have more Ed to herself and although she’s apprehensive about having a baby at her age, she might just consider it as a way to keep Ed at home. Not gonna happen though. I think being a football player is too much of who he is and while the idea of a bigger family is appealing, he wants it in addition to (not instead of) his athletic career.

No comment at Ed and Lisa all boo’d up in the tub. Extra.
No comment on how Bravo bamboozled us making us think we were gonna see some wig pulling this week.

Quote of the Ep: “He is gonna buy your ass something and you gonna go back and be with that motherfucker… you gon be back by Friday” – Nene to Kim re: “Big Poppa”

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One response to “RHoATL, S2E2: scared? say you scared.

  1. Why is Kandi so naive? She needs to sit down with some of the old Xscape albums and be quiet for a while LOL

    I haven’t seen this episode yet (I’m always behind) but I already cringe whenever they show her.

    LMAO @ FYI, Kim isn’t doing anything for the advancement of white women in the world. YES!!!! lol

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