RHoAtl, s2e5: this is for my homies

You're a Taurus? OMG me too!

CONTAINS SPOILERS – I swear, this show is about as fake as Kim’s hair or Kandi’s “happy family.” Still, it’s another week, another episode and I’m sitting right here with laptop at the ready to take down all the shenanigans for you!

The saddest thing to me is the state of R&B music as evidenced by Ms. Kandi Burrus. No doubt that Kandi was singing her butt off with Xscape and I’ve heard her getting down since then. Blame it on old age or a dated sense of music but Kandi just doesn’t sound as good to me anymore. Plus she’s doing this tacky music I feel is beneath vocalists with real talent (see Mariah Carey).”I fly above all the haters?” How old are you? Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, that song was inspired by Kim. Aw Kandi, how sweet of you! :/

How strange that Kandi and Kim are best buds now. They were all in the studio bonding and Kim kept bringing up her own recording. Um, that wig must be clouding her judgment because we know Kim cannot sing. She couldn’t even sing to Kandi on the couch! Nene still blasts her out of the water with “Don’t be tardy for the party.” LOL

Kim has so much hate in her blood toward Lisa it’s unhealthy. You’d think she was upset with Lisa because of something she said or did to her. Nope. Kim hates Lisa because Lisa has too many businesses and endeavors. Huh?

Even stranger is the fact that Sheree is still holding on to She by Sheree, her imaginary clothing line. Even if Sheree could have put out clothing that a person with 20/20 vision would want to wear, the name is ruined because of the show. Still, someone is fueling her fire because she met with promoters about doing a fashion show. While Nene and Kim might waiver, we get consistency with Sheree. She’s consistently on some think-I’m-better-than-I-am-in-real-life mess. When negotiating her “top of the line” fashion show, Sheree and her spokesman (whoever he was) demanded a top of the line car service and top of the line Tiffany jewelry. Ooh girl, you so delusional!

Lisa and her pops, Stanley

Inglewood always up to no good! I love that Lisa took Nene with her to meet her family in Cali. Nene might be fake, shady and simple but she IS a fun person. I can see older people liking her outgoing personality. She seemed excited about the trip as well, even picking up some “sporty” earrings for Lisa’s 92 year old grandma! Loved loved loved seeing Lisa’s family and home. Her pictures of 80s dresses and hairstyles were priceless. Her parents are very different from one another on first glance, but you can tell that they’re very much a family. It was nice seeing how far Lisa has come from her home but that she’s comfortable going back. Her home is still hood too, by the way. They have the mirrored walls and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a random framed Footprints picture somewhere.

One annoying thing was Nene’s preoccupation with the OBVIOUS fact that Lisa is half Asian. I guess Nene was shocked by how many Asian folks were in her family but sheesh, be a bit more tactful about it. All of those remarks about how much taller she was than all of them… Nene is taller than most of everyone, regardless of race! Always quick to call someone hood or ghetto, pot meet kettle.

Visiting someone’s grave is a big deal for some people and not so much for others. I think I touched on this last week but I haven’t visited the grave of my grandmother and we were very close. I just don’t find it necessary because I don’t talk to dead people. Lisa’s brother Andre made a big deal out of the fact that she wasn’t comfortable going to visit their brother Miho’s grave but I think he was being insensitive by not letting her deal in her own way. Of course she ended up going. All of the siblings went together for support. Andre poured some likka out for his dead homie (I’m with Lisa on that one…people still do that?). I will say that Lisa interacting with her family (sans Nene) was a rare moment of authenticity in this show.

Thanks RHOAtl for giving us that little nugget at the end. Nene and Lisa finally had their margaritas with Michael, a gay man they met in their hotel’s lobby. I demand that Bravo give Michael and Dwight their own gayfab show next year!

Quotes of the episode: “She may wanna hang around Kandi to ‘pretend’ she’s a singer” – Nene on Kim
“I am looking for some high quality models. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell… -esque.” – Sheree

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One response to “RHoAtl, s2e5: this is for my homies

  1. jessj

    I wanted to cry so bad when Kim said she was a Taurus :*( BUT I felt like I was the only person who thought Kandi’s singing is like rihanna on autotune i.e. not cute….that “try it out” song makes me want to listen to NPR.

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