Joe Wilson is a jerk (I know)

You know who Joe Wilson is by now. He’s the Representative from SC (R) who, in a most bizarre and disrespectful outburst, shouted “You lie” during President Barack Obama’s address to Congress yesterday. Joe Wilson must be crazy. Joe Wilson must have underestimated the power of the internet. Joe Wilson is having a bad day. Joe Wilson is a jerk. Joe Wilson peed in your soup.

Ok, I can’t verify that last one (unless you’ve recently had soup with a republican legislator from South Carolina). That’s from the Joe Wilson Is Your Preexisting Condition meme. Check the site reminiscent of the always fun Barack Obama Is Your Bicycle site. As if you needed more reasons to dislike Joe Wilson. Ha! I think the homies Snoop and Dr. Dre said it best, “You tryna check my homie, you best check yaself cuz when you dis [the Prez] you dis yaself. (muhfucka!)”

Joe Wilson Preexisting Condition


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6 responses to “Joe Wilson is a jerk (I know)

  1. I still can’t believe that he did that.

  2. Once a jerk, always a jerk.
    Lets hope these syphilitic fossils in the Republican Party wake up to the fact that it’s not all about them and their political future.
    We expect more from our representatives than this.
    The people will speak and have their day, also.

    Great post.
    `x~William H. Balzac.

    • Guardian

      Your posted comments indicate a lot of misplaced anger and blame. You should address this before legal action. Everyone has an opinion, use a little decorm. Democrat or Republican, we are still Americans.

  3. Amy

    His apology started with, the republican leadership wanted me to apologize…really, YOU needed someone to tell you that??? Complete ASS. You can donate to his opponent by finding Rob Miller for Congress.

  4. I firmly believe he needs a Psych evaluation… *shakes head* The guy has lost his marbles (if he ever had any to begin with).

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