RHoATL, s2e7: Fashion Weak

Getting an early start on my Labor Day weekend caused me to miss blogging about last week’s episode. Before I get into this week’s shenanigans, here are a few thoughts from Episode 6 aka She Gotta Big Alter Ego:

  • Aren’t alter ego photo shoots for famous people not just second-season reality casts?
  • Argument between Kandi and Nene on who is Ghetto’er or Hood’er? Totally ridiculous and boring

    Lisa in a Closet Freak creation

  • OMG why did Kandi do that SAME stripper leg move at the belly dancing class that she did on the youtube vid with Fantasia!? One trick pony ass.
  • Why is Kim still running with the cancer lie and demanding an apology from Lisa for calling her out on it? KIM… YOU admitted on television that you were never sick about 2 minutes after saying you had cancer. Ugh!
    Don’t be tardy for the party gotta be the biggest joke on television. Who even says “tardy” anymroe? Teachers?
  • How come Kim has to keep a “Black version” of herself around? First Nene was her Black alter ego. Then Sheree was her Black twin. Now her assistant, Myliek, is the Black edition of Kim. With all of this mess, why didn’t Kim want Nene to paint her in blackface for the photo shoot again? (FYI, I’m glad Kim realized that showing up on TV in blackface, no matter what the rationale, would have been the end of her life).
  • Why the FUCK don’t Kim’s kids eat anything beside fast food? How is Monday Chick-fil-A day and Tuesday is Taco Bell day? Great mom, thanks for all of this cellulite and heart disease!
  • Quote of the episode: “I’m not telling the world that I’m a singer, what I’m saying to the world is that I’m better than Kim.” –  Nene

On to this week. The Hartwells, in addition to all their other endeavors (baby clothes, real estate, jewelry) have entered the fashion design arena. I know Atlanta isn’t Milan, Paris or NYC but damn… between Sheree’s model casting and Lisa’s casting this week, ATL models look like they’re running away not rocking the run way. Boo. Just like Kim can’t stand Lisa’s success (for whatever haterific reason), Sheree didn’t seem too happy about another non-designing designer among the housewives.

While Sheree is trying to style herself as a “designer,” Lisa is more of a financier of a real designer (which makes more sense since she probably can’t sew a button). I swear, I don’t know how anyone else can fit inside of a room with Sheree’s big ego. She’s gone from party planner to designer to fashion inspiration to the less fashionable. Trick, you are nobody’s muse, especially not Lisa Wu Hartwell’s!

Finally,some She fashions!

She by Sheree debuted in Atlanta earlier this summer. See the pic for a peek. Looks kinda Dereon-ish to me. As far as Lisa’s Closet Freak line, not impressed with that either. Sheree didn’t miss anything by skipping Lisa’s show. I’m sure it’s because she was salty that her launch didn’t go on and not because she had to hit her son’s function. While she arrived dissing the Closet Freak attendees for wearing jeans and caps, she certainly wasn’t dressed for a recital OR a fashion show! Keep it real Sheree. I know I wouldn’t have gone to that mess not because I’m a jealous hater… but because I quit going to parties disguised as fashion shows when I graduated college.

I don’t know if Kandi is an idiot or a genius for thinking she can actually turn ‘Tardy for the Party’ into an honest to God, chart-topping, pop song featuring Kim and Nene. MAYBE this could be a song with someone who can actually sing or who at least has major label backing but Kim and Nene?! *Le Sigh*

Derek J, servin' em over AND under the rainbow!

Oh Bryson. Did you seriously drop out of Morehouse to lay up in your momma’s house and do nothing? Wow. I hope Nene took away that new car they bought him after graduation.I was so glad that Nene went in on her son. She’s normally wild and crazy but when it came to her baby she wasn’t about any games. Do your hair, go to school, get a job, pull up your pants, or get out of this house! Amen Nene.

Kim is going to be the death of me. Are you still trying to create wigs? Are you having a gay extra from flashdance (her boy Derek J) with a dyed scalp design said wigs? Do you believe that people really want to have hair like yours? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please proceed to the nearest emergency room and schedule a lobotomy. Thanks. I can’t even comment on Nene freaking out in that blonde wig because while she was on a roll this entire episode, she went a bit too far and forgot where she was. Where she usually reserves talking shit about Kim to behind Kim’s back, this time she let it hang out in her living room!

Quotes of the episode: “I don’t want to look like I came from the 1990’s!” – Arianna; “I’m a size 10.” – Nene

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One response to “RHoATL, s2e7: Fashion Weak

  1. Esq.

    I loved how Dwight claims to be the “go to” person for throwing a hot party in ATL when his party was a little on the wack side of played. I love Dwight, but I’m saying….

    LMAO@Sheree’s fashions looking “Dereon-ish” lol Is that a compliment or a diss? I can’t figure it out!

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