Miss Piggy

this is the kind of random stuff you’ll get messing with me but seeing Kermit the Frog show up to the MTV Video Music Awards with Lady Gaga made me wonder, “Where’s Miss Piggy?” Miss Piggy really should make more appearances. Out of all the muppets she had mad pizazz and a pretty fly fashion sense that would stomp out any pig (I see you Babe, I see you Wilbur) and half the hussies walking around the streets right now! Homegirl had attitude AND she was a martial arts master! Or maybe just really good at saying “HI-YAHH!” Whatever. Swinetastic is all she is. My only issue with Piggy was how clingy she got when it came to Kermy. She was constantly throwing her bodacious bacon at his skinny frog legs and he was always giving her the heisman! Reminds me of Carrie (SATC) or Joan (Girlfriends)… fabulous, successful women who feel incomplete without a man. Le Sigh. I still got love for Piggy. She’s truly a bourgie boar broad.

Anyway, Kermit kind of played himself rolling with Gaga after she basically wore a coat of his carcasses out and about. WTF Kermy?


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4 responses to “Miss Piggy

  1. Bourgie, JD

    If you ask me, mad folks swagger jacked Miss Piggy:
    – Kim from Real Housewives of ATL
    – Lil’ Kim
    – Wendy Williams

  2. Kermit laying the frog pipe? Perhaps the frog ensemble is a tribute to how good things are b/w Gaga and Kermit Thee Frog… Ahh, Muppets. Ms. Piggy used to scare me a little, just a little when I was a young one.

  3. dear sir of mam how much does this miss piggy puppet DOLL COST$ & I WANT TO BUY IT FOF MYSELF ONLY! YOURS TRULY ERIC KEDDIE!

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