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RHoATL, s2e9: Get yo hands out my pocketbook!

Tonight was the 2-hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve never missed an episode so I had to skip the 10pm ep of Real Housewives and wait for 11. Still, as much as I love Grey’s, I HAD to get my catty chick fix and share my impressions of this week’s ep with you all. Don’t blame me for being tardy for the party!

Fresh from a trip to the Bahamas, courtesy of Big Papa, Kim is reevaluating her relationship. I learned something new, that “Security” is the new word for staying with a married man so he can put your kids through college. Oh, ok. Kim is schizo because on the one hand she said she didn’t care about Big Papa’s marriage since it was just a legal thing with no meaning. Then, not 4 seconds later, she says she wants him to put a ring on it. Will the other woman EVER learn? While waiting for her symbol of everlasting love, Kim will settle for Papa’s money and $32,000 gold necklace. When the jeweler remarked that the necklace was “red carpet material,” Kim said she’d wear it to the grocery store. See, heifer, that’s why you’re tacky. Cuz real classy women who don’t make a big deal about $32,000 pieces don’t go traipsing around the Piggly Wiggly trying to stunt out, either.

Sheree doesn’t do anything but plan dreadful parties and unfortunately, she’s blissfully unaware of that fact. She’s moving full steam ahead on the Independence Party idea to celebrate her divorce and her new found freedom. Go on girl! Sheree's Portrait Always on her endless quest to include herself in this amorphous “elite” class, Sheree commissioned a portrait of herself. Wow, bitch. You are high off of the fumes of your own shit. It doesn’t help that Lawrence, your hairdresser tells you that you look like an 18 year old. Cue Joe Wilson…”You Lie!” Truth be told, Rossin‘s work is nice. He made Sheree look 20 yrs younger and 4x more attractive! Question: What is she going to do with that big ass portrait? Hang it in the bedroom? Yep, like I said… feelin herself. Continue reading


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