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RHoATL, s2e10: better tardy than never

Real Housewives of Atlanta KandiPeople always talk about Atlanta being notorious for having a large number of gay  men, but has anyone ever counted how many party planners/event coordinators, etc there are in that city? I bet it eclipses the gheys by a million! Of course we have one of the “housewives” throwing a party… KIM! And *shock* she’s not inviting NeNe. It’s a double birthday shindig for Kandi and Kim who both are on the outs with Ms. NeNe at the moment. Let Nene tell it, she doesn’t wanna go anywhere and neither does Lisa (since Kim is involved). As far as I could tell, no one missed anything. For all her talk about having a fabulous party with the best drinks, best food, best music, the party looked like a basement bash I had in high school. Oh well.

I am going to throw my computer listening to Kim try to get these Tardy for the Party verses down, ESPECIALLY after Kandi did a reference for her. This T4TP recording is not an exercise in in vocal acrobatics. It’s a demonstration and advertisement for the equipment that altered Kim’s voice to high hell.I don’t understand and I think it’s counterproductive for Kandi to be supporting this song. If Kandi is trying to come back out with an album and she thinks of herself as a “real” singer, why would she pollute the market and the industry with songs/singers that are simply a product of studio engineering? I think it just waters down people’s expectations. Who needs a “real” singer if we can just pull any old person off of the street and make them sound good with the right team behind them? Continue reading


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