RHoATL, s2e10: better tardy than never

Real Housewives of Atlanta KandiPeople always talk about Atlanta being notorious for having a large number of gay  men, but has anyone ever counted how many party planners/event coordinators, etc there are in that city? I bet it eclipses the gheys by a million! Of course we have one of the “housewives” throwing a party… KIM! And *shock* she’s not inviting NeNe. It’s a double birthday shindig for Kandi and Kim who both are on the outs with Ms. NeNe at the moment. Let Nene tell it, she doesn’t wanna go anywhere and neither does Lisa (since Kim is involved). As far as I could tell, no one missed anything. For all her talk about having a fabulous party with the best drinks, best food, best music, the party looked like a basement bash I had in high school. Oh well.

I am going to throw my computer listening to Kim try to get these Tardy for the Party verses down, ESPECIALLY after Kandi did a reference for her. This T4TP recording is not an exercise in in vocal acrobatics. It’s a demonstration and advertisement for the equipment that altered Kim’s voice to high hell.I don’t understand and I think it’s counterproductive for Kandi to be supporting this song. If Kandi is trying to come back out with an album and she thinks of herself as a “real” singer, why would she pollute the market and the industry with songs/singers that are simply a product of studio engineering? I think it just waters down people’s expectations. Who needs a “real” singer if we can just pull any old person off of the street and make them sound good with the right team behind them?

Moving on, I am trés disturbed by how involved Kim’s kids are in her whole Big Papa relationship. They know he’s a married man, basically her sugar daddy. I am waiting for the tell all book about 10 years from now where they talk about growing up with a boozing Barbie Doll for a mom. Barbie had mad careers tho, so nevermind. I need to take a poll, who out there thinks Big Papa REALLY proposed to Kim? Looks to me that he just bought her a big ass ring (BIG ASS RANG). Sheree knows the deal because even she can see something wrong being engaged to a married man. Guess what, that’s not a true engagement. If that’s your fiance for real, why are we still keeping him a secret? I wonder if Kandi felt some kind of way about Kim’s ring, seeing as she allegedly had to purchase her own rock. Oop!

Why did we have to go through Kandi re-hanging her platinum and gold plaques? Okay biatch, we KNOW you write songs. We KNOW you were in Xscape. The thing is, I didn’t “ooh” and “ahh” when she pulled them out, I only thought about how stupid can you be to let people in your house and have them walk out with ALL yo plaques? Womp. I’m not totally surprised though, for some reason Kandi comes off very child-like to me. The way she talks, handles herself, I’m not struck by her maturity in any aspect of life. I could be wrong though, I don’t know the chick..  Whatever. She’s singing about haters, so what can we expect? Not much to say about her club venue performance except that it was telling that Kim wasn’t there for Kandi at her first time back on the scene but we shall see. Real Housewives Sheree Dwight

This episode was classic RHOA. We had an “elite” party being planned, folks being shunned, and a fashion show in the works! She by Sheree is back… again… but this time, Dwight has gotten himself involved in the planning. This being a Sheree event, she’s insisting on “first class,” which means this is going to be absolutely dreadful. How can she be on her first class steeze and plan on sending out Evites to the show? This Dwight involvement can be totally fucked or fabulous. I mean, we’ve seen his party before and it was a circus…literally. My biggest issue with Sheree and her shows is that she keeps planning parties/viewings/fashion shows without knowing if the product is right first. Why plan the show, THEN go to NY to view the samples? Obvy, she got to NY and saw that the samples were less than up to par. If the NYS Lottery was as predictable as RHOA, I’d be a millionaire. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Quote of the Episode: “I love the chandelier, gorgeous. Big balls.” – Dwight


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2 responses to “RHoATL, s2e10: better tardy than never

  1. I have to say, the Ms Swan seamstress going “uh oh” needs to be an internet meme, stat. That woman made me wish I had the tech skills.

    • Bourgie, JD

      I cringed. Why does Sheree keep hiring these Asian “he looka likea man” seamstresses? I mean, nothing against hiring Asians, but I think she’s just going for the stereotype. Besides, none of them seem to be doing any decent work!
      Forgive me, but this just screams sweatshop to me. LOL

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