RHoATL, s2e11: heel the world

Heeling the Soul

Too bad this show isn’t live because I’d like to see how they all handled the death of Kandi’s (ex?) fiance Ashely “AJ” Jewell. It would be a refreshing change to see them deal with something real and weighty instead of the fashion shows and dreadful parties. We saw a bit of seriousness when Lisa’s family visited her brother’s grave, but of course this is television and wigs prevail.

Kim is the bestworst person on the show. SUCH a liar! When Kandi stepped to her and asked why Kim didn’t support her and attend her show, Kim tried to say she couldn’t attend because her kid was sick. Um… no. Let’s review: Kim has no job and has no skills or hobbies to speak of yet she has a nanny. I’m pretty sure it’s because she just cannot deal with children AS CHILDREN. Since those lil chunky kids can’t drink yet, Kim pretty much can’t be bothered. So why all of a sudden when one gets sick you want to stay at home? I call shenanigans. You all know that Kandi is sort of annoying to me overall, but I like how when the camera just gets on her, she calls Kim out on her inconsistencies. While shopping for clothes for Kim’s daughters, Kim whipped out her titanium AMEX card and made sure to say it wasn’t a joint account with Big Papa but her own money that funded the card. Kandi, knowing a bit about high limit credit cards, noted that you have to spend a certain amount to even get that card. Ok, where did Kim get $200,000 something dollars on her own? From doing what?! Shenanigans number two! Oh and FYI, I hope Mrs. Big Papa is watching ALL this shit so when it comes time to divorce his ass, she can get into those side accounts he has with his mistresses (plural cuz you know Kim ain’t the only one).

For all of the things you can say about Nene, I’m feeling her trying to do something like write her book and tell her story about domestic violence (FYI, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month). Now her idea bout “Heeling the Soul” is killing me. On the one hand it sort of incorporates traditional DV awareness campaigns such as Walk A Mile in Her Shoes but honestly… who wants to run in some high heels? Stop. Think about it. Cute idea but let’s walk instead. I was DYING seeing Dwight and Michael (Lisa and Nene’s gay white friend from LA) breaking records running down the street! Will def upload video after Bravo links it up. I’m talking mess, but I do think the event was a success and a great start. Good for you Nene.

Dear Ed Hartwell, get back in the bubble bath with your wife and get used to it because you are not going back into the NFL. You’re old (by league standards), you’re injured and you’er not in full NFL shape. Even your trainer says you’re not NFL caliber. There are high school kids who will juke the fuck out of you on the field. I know that you probably didn’t think of anything else since Pop Warner days beside play pro football. I know that you didn’t even really consider having another career. Well, I need you to embrace reality and walk away from football. It’s a wrap. As a friend and admirer of your booty, I feel it’s my responsibility to also tell you that you might not make it as a sportscaster either. We don’t want to hear every washed up player talk about real players. Look bruh, you’re lucky you have a wife who is into so many different things and you can skip writing a resume or going on interviews. Just get on that real estate, baby clothes, jewelry, wack fashion line train and play with your son. Yours truly, Bourgie JD. PS: don’t try to have more kids until you get a jobby job.

Quotes of the Episode: “This is my second time wearing heels and running in them… it’s stupid.” – Dwight
“It’s not He by Dwight, it’s She by Sheree. I’m the head diva in charge”

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  1. LMAO@ the “PS: don’t try to have more kids until you get a jobby job.” AMEN.. CHURCH! They need to cut back now before they end up in foreclosure.

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